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“Wow.” That’s pretty much all I can say after last week’s trip to the Tuttleman computer lab. After not doing my paper the night before, I figured I’d wake up, finish my paper in the

“Wow.” That’s pretty much all I can say after last week’s trip to the Tuttleman computer lab. After not doing my paper the night before, I figured I’d wake up, finish my paper in the computer lab, and print it out there. Luckily I arrived at the lab early.

Soon after I arrived, I spotted a line of at least 10 people, all students waiting for a computer to free up. I definitely learned a lesson in procrastination that morning, but I’ll deal with that later.

This little incident got me thinking about all the time we waste standing in line here on campus, and how there’s got to be a better way to go about things. Of course, lines are inevitable on occasion (buying books, for instance). Still, there are other times when the first choice is not always the best.

Considering computer labs, there are a few options here on campus other than Paley and Tuttleman. If you even get a computer, it takes a pretty long time to print copies. Why not hike over to Wachman, or even Pearson? Lesser known computer labs like these have shorter lines, which equal more time for you to focus on your work, or that critical game of solitaire:

Temple Writing Center, Tuttleman Room 201; Pearson Hall, Room 220; Vivacqua Hall, Room 308; Wachman Hall, Ground floor.

Additionally, many schools and colleges have their own labs for student use. Contact your school or college, or for a complete list visit

We’ve all been there: just as you are making your way down to the platform, the subway car comes and goes before you’ve even made it through the turnstile. This is most likely because you didn’t have your tokens yet, either because there was a line at the only working machine, or maybe because your dollar kept spitting back at you. How about buying your tokens ahead of time, from an actual person? Though most tokens are sold in bulk, usually in packs of five or 10, you will end up saving money in the end. Below are just a few places that sell tokens on or near campus. Get your tokens early, and next time you’ll skip the line and get home sooner.

-Rite Aid, 1528-30 N. Broad St.; Rite Aid, 2131 N. Broad St.; Currency One, 2202 N. Broad St.; Student Center Bookstore, 13th Street & Montgomery Avenue; 7-Eleven, 1912 Liacouras Walk.

Boy was I in for a treat when I came to campus with my Wachovia ATM card in hand. The $1.50 fee each time I used the PNC branch on Liacouras Walk wasn’t too bad, until I got my bill. Once I saw those fees add up, I went straight back to Liacouras and got myself a PNC account. Now, three years older with PNC card in hand, I have the opportunity to enjoy waiting in line every time I need to take out five bucks for lunch. Fridays are the worst since it seems this is the only time the ATM’s stop taking deposits altogether. After waiting for about twenty minutes last week in the cold on Liacouras with my measly check, I realized that there was an ATM that takes deposits in Wachman Hall. Not only was there no line, but there was no one else there but the security guard and me. So instead of waiting in line for an ATM that doesn’t work, try going someplace else. Not all of them accept deposits, but all will be more than happy to cough up some cash.

ATM Locations: Student Center Atrium, 1300 Lobby, Paley Library, Klein Law Building, Wachman Hall, Hardwick Hall Lobby, PNC bank, Liacouras Walk.

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