One year delay proposed for academic program

The implementation of the General Education Program, set to replace the core curriculum in the fall semester of 2007, may be delayed for a year. The Gen-ed committee requested a one year delay for the program at the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, stating that the new courses should be tested twice before the new requirements take effect.

The Gen-ed program is a reconstruction of the core curriculum. Its focus is for Temple students to share a similar learning experience by giving fewer course options when choosing from each core category.

The committee said the program is not behind in planning, but that postponing the program for a year will improve the quality of the program by allowing it to be tested by a few classes for two semesters before the change becomes official.

At the meeting, the Gen-ed committee also requested the maximum limit be removed for the number of courses for each core category. Under the current plan, some core categories can have no more than eight courses. The Gen-ed committee proposed that the cap be removed so course proposals from faculty will not be rejected solely because
of the eight- course limit.

In other business, the Board of Trustees discussed combining three departments in the Esther Boyer College of Dance and Music. It was proposed that Composition, Theory and Music History combine to become the single department of Musical Studies. The administrative change will have affect on the academic program and incur no added costs. The decision will be further discussed at the next Board of Trustees meeting, which will be held on Oct. 5 at 9:30 a.m.

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