Paley closes before move into Charles Library

The new Charles Library will open in Fall 2019. Students and volunteers will work through the summer to move nearly 2 million books from Paley to Charles library.

Paley Library closed earlier this month. Nearly 2 million books will be transported to Charles Library, which will open in Fall 2019. | COLLEEN CLAGGETT / THE TEMPLE NEWS

While the shelves aren’t empty yet, the inside of Paley Library is slowly becoming vacant. Computers and printers have been removed, furniture is being sold and transferred to other locations, and books are being packed away.

Paley has served students as a hub for information, a spot to lounge, and a place to spend sleepless nights writing essays and studying for final exams since it opened in 1966. Paley officially closed on May 9, 2019.

Senior Human Development and Community Engagement major Leah Welde is a student worker at Paley and has been helping pack books for the transition to the newly constructed Charles Library, which will open in Fall 2019 and costs $175.8 million.

Welde and other student workers and volunteers have been tasked with clearing the library’s shelves. The 1.8 million books Paley housed will be transferred to the new robotic retrieval system in Charles Library.

As for the building’s future, Paley Library will be renamed to “Samuel Paley Hall” and will house the College of Public Health.


  1. I am a 2002 alum from Temple, and frankly I am sorry to see the Paley Library replaced. It was right in the heart of the campus however a change just might spark interest for students and the public with the new location on the Liacouras Walk.

  2. I worked in Paley’s stacks from 1974 to 1978 as a student and as a stack supervisor. While visiting last year I was surprised to see book trucks with the big green ‘C’ on the sides painted back in 1975. Temple got its money’s worth from those book trucks.

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