Parliament elects Speaker, appoints committees

Several students were appointed to one of Parliament’s six committees.

Parliament elected its Speaker and appointed committees during its first meeting on Sept. 18 immediately following Temple Student Government’s General Assembly meeting.

Multicultural representative Bridget Warlea was elected Speaker of Parliament by secret ballot by TSG’s representative body. Warlea ran against sophomore class representative Alex Mark and the College of Education representative Alexis Culp.  

The Speaker acts as a liaison between Parliament and the Executive branch and will ensure that the Executive branch is acting on binding resolutions passed by Parliament.

The Speaker is also responsible for adding resolutions to each meeting’s agenda, enforcing proper meeting procedures and chairing the Steering Committee, which consists of all committee chairs and co-chairs.

As Speaker, Warlea said she plans to build Parliament’s “brand” so that Parliament representatives can better “assert [themselves] within TSG and the community as leaders.”

She wants to create more separation of powers between Parliament and the Executive branch, and wants to make students aware of what Parliament representatives can do for them.

She also wants to work with TSG’s adviser and Director of Student Activities Chris Carey to create a budget specifically for Parliament.

She added she doesn’t want to have a say in what this proposed budget is used for, but “would definitely support [Parliament] legislature on a potential budget.”

Parliament representatives also chose their committees and appointed chairs or co-chairs at the Monday meeting. There are six Parliament committees: Academic Affairs, Student Life, Diversity and Inclusivity, Pride and Tradition, Local, Government and Community Affairs and Wellness.

Committee Name Chair
Academic Affairs Sarah Levine Senior representative
Student Life Shakeel Alibhai College of Science and Technology representative
Diversity and Inclusivity Celine Corbie Multicultural representative
Pride and Tradition Nancy Allen At-Large representative
Vincent Limon School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management representative
Local Gov’t and Community Affairs Daisy Confoy Freshman representative
Jakob Morris Freshman representative
Wellness Cody Peck LGBTQIA+ representative
Luke Tomczuk Disability Resource Services representative

New members of TSG’s Executive branch and Parliament were officially sworn in by Auditor General Morrease Leftwich, Jr. before the start of TSG’s GA meeting earlier that day.

Commuter representative Hannah Donahue stepped down last week, Parliamentarian Jacob Kurtz said during the GA meeting.

He is in the process of appointing a runner-up, following the procedures outlined in the constitution, and will publicly inform the student body of his efforts to fill the seat, he added.

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