Players collect ‘Moola’ from online gaming site

A new Web site pays students to play interactive games. – the name says it all.

Who knew students could make money while wasting time between classes? No, you don’t have to hand out fliers on campus or take part in exotic dancing. Just play a few games on

Now, of course that sounds too good to be true, but there’s an explanation.

Moola is based on the idea that if you start off with a penny and double it, you’ll have two pennies. If you double those two pennies, you’ll have four. And if you continue to double your pennies until they’ve doubled 30 times, you’ll end up with $10,737,418.24 in your pocket.

After you sign up (for free), the Web site gives you a complimentary penny to start playing games.

Players can choose between Hi/Lo (a card game), Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu (similar to rock-paper-scissors) or Gold Rush! – the three starter games.

Gamers play against other online players, and each risks their initial pennies. The winner gains his or her penny back and the opponent’s penny, too.

The goal is for users to continue doubling their money or risk a lower amount. Gamers who lose out and end up with no money in their accounts simply receive a new penny and continue on.

There are more ways to gain Moola money other than playing games. Referring friends to the site helps you receive Moola cash.

Moola is funded solely by advertising and sponsors. When players sign up on a sponsor’s Web site or buy one of its products, they can gain $950 in Moola cash.

Moola also offers players a chance to be charitable. Charity CashCow is a game that players can play to make money and donate to a good cause at the same time.

Charity CashCow is like a combination of the lottery and a slot machine. Players give their pennies to spin and match three icons – the same way slots work. The money players give to play the game go into a Community Chest that rises until someone wins, just like the lottery.

Whenever someone wins any amount on the CashCow, a donation is made from the Community Chest to the charity chosen by the player prior to the start of the game.

Players can choose charity groups to donate percentages of their Moola winnings.

Moola sets up player accounts like a bank account. Players have a false account that holds the money they bet on. Players also have a savings account, where money can be put at any time, but once transferred, it cannot be taken out. Every player is guaranteed money to keep as long as he or she puts money into the savings account.

Once players reache a $10 minimum and wants to collect their money, they can choose to “cash out.” Cash out requests are fulfilled through mailed checks or PayPal in U.S. dollars.

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