Child missing from Fresh Grocer found safe

6-year-old Devante Hayward Jr. was missing from Aug. 24 to Aug. 26 after he was not returned to his mother.

UPDATE at 6:38 p.m.

Police were looking for 6-year-old Devante Hayward Jr. who was missing from Aug. 24 until Aug. 26.

Both Hayward and the man he was last seen with, “Jay”, have been found safe. The police said the investigation into Hayward’s disappearence is ongoing within the Special Victims Unit.

He was seen by his mother at Fresh Grocer at 1501 N. Broad St. with a man identified as “Jay”, but did not return to her later in the day. She reported her son missing the night of Aug. 25. 

The man is known to sell water in front of the store near Main Campus, according to Philadelphia Police.

Security footage of “Jay” and Devante Hayward Jr. in the entrance of the Fresh Grocer store at 1501 N. Broad St. | VIA PHILADELPHIA POLICE

He was supposed to bring the child back to Fresh Grocer at 9 p.m. on Friday, and did not respond to Hayward’s mother’s attempts to contact him.

The investigation is ongoing within the Special Victims Unit. 

UPDATE: This story was updated to include that the child was found.

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