Presidential Election 2012: Issues: Barack Obama

Obama’s positions on health care, economy, student loans, taxes, national debt, and LGBT rights.

Health Care

President Obama is adamant about his support of the Affordable Care Act and its role in holding health insurance companies accountable and strengthening the effectiveness of Medicare.


Obama has made private sector growth under his administration a sticking point and wants to cut out top-down policies.

Student Loans

Student loan repayment has been capped at 10 percent of income under the president, who supports the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which doubled funding for Pell Grants.


The president supports cutting taxes for middle classes and small businesses, but not for the rich. He doesn’t want a tax break for millionaires and has accused Republicans of supporting millionaire tax breaks.

National Debt

Obama blames most of the debt and deficit issues on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Much of his plan to lower the deficit revolves around the ending of those two wars.

LGBT Rights

During the president’s first term, he signed a law making it a federal crime to assault based on sexual orientation, gender or gender identity and spearheaded the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” In May, he also said he supports same-sex marriage.

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