Prioritize voting

Registering to vote has never been easier or more important.

Results from the latest primaries and caucuses preceding the presidential election have been alarming. Regardless of which candidate is taking the lead, it’s daunting to see the results of voter turnout so far.

In the past 16 elections since February, New Hampshire has shown the highest turnout rate at 52.4 percent, according to collected data from the United States Elections Project. NPR reported that compared to 2008, Democratic voters have decreased by 2.6 million.

We know the story is always the same: voter turnout is low, so now is the time to register. This is especially relevant to students—in the last presidential election, 38 percent of people ages 18-24 voted, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. So, we’ll say it again: register to vote before the Pennsylvania primary election on April 26.

The deadline to register is March 28, 30 days prior to the election. But since late August 2015, you don’t even need to fill out a paper application.

Last summer Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of State Pedro A. Cortés announced the launch of an online voter registration site. Since then, nearly 100,000 people have registered on the site. We believe it has never been easier, and more efficient, to be politically engaged and socially responsible.

So, really, register to vote in time for the primary election April 26. To fill out an application online, visit

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