Provost handpicks Tyler student art for exhibition

Art created by Tyler students was on display in Paley Library from Sept. 30 until Oct. 2. Students who were featured in the exhibit were compensated for their works by the Provost’s Arts Commission.

Art created by Tyler students was on display in Paley Library from Sept. 30 until Oct. 2. Students who were featured in the exhibit were compensated for their works by the Provost’s Arts Commission.

ROMAN KRIVITSKY TTN Provost and Executive VP of Academic Affairs Lisa Staiano-Coico poses with Joshua DeMonte’s artwork at the reception on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

During the Spring 2009 semester, the university provost gave the Tyler School of Art an opportunity to showcase its most important features – not the brand-new state-of-the-art facilities, but its students.
Provost Lisa Staiano-Coico made an offer to Tyler students to create works for her private collection, pay them for their works and feature selected pieces in an on-campus exhibition.

Her proposal came to fruition Sept. 30 at Paley Library with “The Provost’s Art Collection: An Exhibition,” which ran in the library until Oct. 2.

“Actually, it was my suggestion to the Provost’s Arts Commission that the provost have an art collection,” said Roberta Sloan, the Provost’s Art Commission Chair. “The commission members were enthusiastic, as was Deputy Provost Richard Englert, and then Provost Lisa wholeheartedly supported the idea.”

The idea for a private collection featuring Tyler students’ work came from a number of faculty within various departments, including Sloan, who is also chair of the theater department, Tyler Graphic Arts Chair Stephanie Knopp, Library Communications Manager Nicole Restaino and Vice President of Internal Affairs Lisa Meritz.

Restaino coordinated the exhibition.

“The exhibition was an interesting project, as it is quite different from the exhibitions we typically do at the library, which consist of books or reproductions of archival materials,” she said. “Also, our exhibitions are usually in flat cases, not on the wall such as this. It was interesting to find out how to get a traditional fine arts exhibition prepared and installed at Temple.”

Knopp said although the experience was challenging, it will be a great success for the Tyler students.
“The students were quite thrilled to have their art personally selected by the Provost,” she said. “For most of them, it was the first time they had sold one of their artworks. It was also wonderful to have the collection started the very first semester that the art school moved to the main campus. It contributed to the warm welcome that the Tyler students received.”

Knopp said she feels this endeavor will help the Temple community gain an increased appreciation for the arts.

“I think this Provost’s Collection will have a significant impact on the Temple community. The fact that the provost is honoring the creativity and hard work of students in the arts will raise the profile of the arts across the campus,” she said. “Anything that increases the visibility of the arts can only help to raise appreciation and interest.”

Kathryn Feryok, who designed two logo identities for the arts program, said she – like many others involved with the program – was honored to have her work displayed on Main Campus.

“I worked many long hours on developing my logo identities,” the senior graphic and interactive design major said, “and it was gratifying to know that my work would be on display for people to see.”
“Sometimes, graphic design is seen more of a commercial art than a fine art, and I am happy that my work is being appreciated for its artistic merit,” Feryok said.

The exhibit featured work that varied from a large red and grey triptych, which will remain in Paley indefinitely, to a three-part poster series depicting child abuse to a necklace Staiano-Coico herself wore at the opening.

Since the closing of the exhibition, the works are being moved to a permanent location on campus.
Sloan said more projects that will incorporate student work are on the way.

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