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Not feeling the Super Bowl cheer this year? Philadelphia fans aren’t the sweetest, but they’re definitely not sour either. There’s no reason to write off this Sunday’s festivities just because like you, the Eagles are

Not feeling the Super Bowl cheer this year? Philadelphia fans aren’t the sweetest, but they’re definitely not sour either. There’s no reason to write off this Sunday’s festivities just because like you, the Eagles are sitting at home with their finger foods watching the game.

This Sunday is the only day of rest where boozing and adrenaline-fueled debauchery are encouraged, so grab some chicken wings, the remote and snag the La-Z-Boy recliner before your dad gets it first. Take it from two of Temple’s biggest sports enthusiasts: The only green on the field may be the grass, but this year’s Super Bowl is still an occasion to celebrate.

Rob Sanderson
Temple University student, 2004-present. Vice president, marketing/promotions for the Cherry Crusade

Likes … Traveling miles to out of town basketball
games up and down the East Coast, hanging out at 1700 N. Broad St. (the Temple Athletics Office), painting
cheer signs, attending hockey games and of course, head-nodding to all five versions of “Jock Jams” (including
the mega mix).

Dislikes … St. Joe’s and Penn fans.

Lukewarm feelings … The Eagles. “I tried liking them freshman year … but I’m just a Bills fan. It can’t be helped.”

Bears or Colts? … “I hate the Patriots. I’m sick of them. I’m glad the Colts beat them (in the playoffs). I like Peyton Manning … so I’m definitely rooting for the Colts.”

Celebratory action … A classic night at the Draught Horse for some drinks and watching the game on the Horse’s big screen. “We have a men’s and women’s double-header basketball game that day, and then we’re headed over to the Horse. It’s going to be a long day.”

Musical inspiration … A sporting event like the Super Bowl isn’t complete without at least a little bit of mid 90s Jock Jams album nostalgia. So what jam is spinning now on Sanderson’s “Jock Jams Mega mix” album? “That would have to be ‘Rock & Roll Part 2’ by Gary Glitter.”

Working his magic … Look closely in the stands, and you’ll see a man in a cape – and no, it’s not the return of T-bird. For good luck, Sanderson isn’t ashamed to channel his inner Superman. “I usually wear it for the big games, but the games I wore it at recently we ended up losing. I’m jokingly thinking about retiring it, but I probably won’t retire it because I have nothing else. Well, I have tassels. But I haven’t seen those for a while. So yeah, it’s not going anywhere.”

Get into the game … Even if you aren’t feeling
this year’s Super Bowl Midwest swing, Temple fans shouldn’t have a problem getting hyped for the sporting
event of the year. “Temple sports fans don’t give up. We’re rowdy and we’re loud. Pro sports, it’s a lot easier to give up on your team.” Still can’t feel the energy? Just stay tuned for the commercials.

Temple University mascot, 1984-presentThe face of Temple University athletics

Likes … The Eagles “Swoop is a close friend of mine.”

Dislikes … The Saint Joe’s Hawk: “Need I say more?”

Lukewarm feelings … Hot dogs from Lincoln
Financial Field. “I always see fans eating them, but then there was a Hatfield pig shooting them off into the crowd one day. Talk about fast food.”

Bears or Colts? … Since both teams have Temple grads suiting up (Bears fullback Jason McKie and Colts defensive tackles Raheem Brock and Joe Klecko) it could be a toss-up, but Hooter has other reasons for his team of choice. “

The Bears. The Colts’ mascot is kind of a wimp … it’s just this big blue thing. Is he really even a horse?”

Back at “The Nest” … Hooter has 909 friends on Facebook, but when it comes to throwing a Super Bowl party he only invites his “Top 8.” The mini celebrity has all-night access to the Liacouras Center, and he’s assured “The Temple News” that come Sunday, he’ll be chilling in “The Nest” VIP style with his crew. “I love my crew in the stands, but I have to represent the rest of mascot gang. Baby Owl will be there until his bed time… and The Philly Phanatic, Soul Man, Mad Dog and Swoop, of course.”

It’s all about the munchies … Don’t get it twisted – Hooter isn’t just a bird, he’s a bird man. And bird men don’t eat bird seed when watching the big game. “I’m all about Jim’s Cheesesteaks. Plus, the real football fans always
head to South Street.”

Song he flaps his wings to … No, Hooter doesn’t listen to Nelly. And while owls don’t have hips, they’re known for their good ears. If Hooter could holler, it’d be to the Temple Basketball Band when they perform “Hey Baby” during second half at basketball games. “I conduct – while we don’t play ‘Fly Eagles Fly,’ we’re pretty much the best college band to ever play the Linc.”

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