Rams’ goals extend past college tennis

Kacper and Filip Rams, two brothers from Poland, have paced the Owls this spring season.

Kacper and Filip Rams, two brothers from Poland, have paced the Owls this spring season.

At first glance, Filip and Kacper Rams may not look like brothers separated by just one year. Filip, a sophomore, has free-flowing dirty-blond hair. Kacper, a freshman, has a crew cut.

Temple's Freshman Kacper Rams
JAZMYNE ANDERSON TTN Freshman Kacper Rams lunges for a ball.
Temple's Freshman Kacper Rams and Sophomore Filip Rams
JAZMYNE ANDERSON TTN Kacper and his brother, sophomore Filip Rams, play a doubles match against Hofstra last Friday.

But when the two compete on the court together in doubles matches for the Temple men’s tennis team, which is 7-8 overall, they form a deadly combination.

The brothers, who hail from Poland, have posted a 14-5 record as doubles competitors. Three of those losses came in a row. Despite their doubles success, the brothers said they feel pressure to win in singles play.

“There is definitely more fame that goes along with singles play,” Kacper Rams said. “I just want to be on the court playing. As long as I am on the court, I am happy.”

Both Filip and Kacper Rams have dreams of playing professional tennis. Coach Steve Mauro said he thinks they have a good shot of turning that dream into reality.

“They need to keep doing what they are doing, and I can definitely see that happening,” Mauro said.

For now, though, both Rams brothers have set goals within the framework of this season and the Atlantic Ten Conference.

“I want to be the most outstanding player in the Atlantic 10 at the end of the year,” Kacper Rams said, “and I don’t want to lose another match all year.”

“I want to finish the rest of the season undefeated,” Filip Rams added.

“We have a few tough matches coming up, but they can do it,” Mauro said. “That would be a great accomplishment.”

Unfortunately, the people the Rams brothers care about most, will probably not be able to witness those accomplishments, at least not in person.

“I miss my family,” Filip Rams said. “They really can’t make it out here [to Philadelphia] all the time. That is what I miss the most.”

Kacper Rams simply misses Poland and the everyday basics that come with living there.

“I just miss the country,” Kacper Rams said. “It’s my homeland. I also miss being able to drive everywhere. You have to walk everywhere here. It’s just different.”

Mauro and his staff have tried to implement a family atmosphere not only with the Rams but with the entire roster. Multiple foreign student-athletes play on the men’s and women’s tennis teams.

“It helps us in many ways,” Mauro said. “The kids feel much more comfortable, and we all help each other. I believe that we have the highest GPA among the athletics department. If we’re not first, then we’re second. I think that can be attributed to the family atmosphere that we have.”

Kacper Rams said he has adjusted to campus life and Philadelphia more easily than he originally thought.

“The campus is very nice,” Kacper Rams said. “I have made adjustments, and I really like it here. I love the downtown area. It is very nice.”

“I like to look at all the tall buildings and the history,” Filip Rams said. “We don’t have all that in Poland.”

With Filip and Kacper Rams leading the way as lowerclassmen, Mauro and his staff have a lot to look forward to the rest of this season and beyond.

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