Re: Sept. 6 article “Shooting lands two in hospital”

Dear Editor, Last week, I obtained my copy of The Temple News and saw a headline reading that a “shooting lands two in hospital,” and expected to read the same old story about two Temple

Dear Editor,

Last week, I obtained my copy of The Temple News and saw a headline reading that a “shooting lands two in hospital,” and expected to read the same old story about two Temple students who were shot in a successful robbery of their home.

Much to my surprise, things this time were different.

One Temple student, Robert Eells, was prepared to deal with the intruders because he has a permit to legally carry a handgun unlike so many other Temple students who fall victim to violent crimes.  I think this raises an important issue for Temple Students who live in the neighborhood and Philadelphians alike. What about firearm rights in Philadelphia?

It seems like when someone brings up the issue of firearms on Temple’s campus, it’s about limiting gun rights and taking guns away from law abiding citizens. In this case, things may have ended differently if Eells was not exercising his right to bear arms.

When a city like Philadelphia tries to make it difficult for law-abiding citizens to get gun permits, it inhibits their ability to defend themselves from assailants and makes the population less safe. As evidenced by this example, if 15 year-olds are able to get illegal guns and commit crimes, why should Temple students and other Philadelphians not be afforded the same opportunity to defend themselves and their property by owning a legal firearm?

I think it’s time that Temple starts having a discussion about firearm rights, educating students on what their  firearm ownership rights are and explaining how to legally obtain a permit for those students who live off campus. In the end, they will have to protect themselves and their homes from ruffians like the 15 year-old who was willing to kill someone for a few dollars.

Recently, the Pa. State Supreme Court has ruled against Philadelphia and in favor of expanded gun rights, making concealed carry and open carry in the city legal, with a permit. I commend Eells for using his constitutional rights and legally owning a gun.

At the end of the day, if law-abiding citizens aren’t able to easily obtain firearms, the only people with firearms other than the police will be criminals.


Erik Jacobs


Temple College Republicans


  1. Very good points Erik. As students we are targeted in the neighborhoods surrounding Temple where many of us live and park our cars. If we as students began taking action against these crimes this would be less likely to happen. Who is going to try and rob you if there is a chance you are able to protect yourself? As I’m writing this there is a brand new TUAdvisory in my mailbox about a shooting near Broad and Susquehanna. This is getting more and more common as the economy continues to decline and if criminals keep getting away with this it will keep happening. As students, we cannot always walk in packs or be within reach of one of those supposed life saving call boxes. We need to be able to defend ourselves!

  2. Great write up!

    I know local ranges offer training classes and many people on PAFOA are willing to assist students who wish to learn about 2A issues and responsible firearm ownership. Just look around, the community is always willing to help a newbie learn the right way.

    Refuse to be a victim.

    Take care,

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