Recipe for the Food Network’s success

It’s where I go if I want to grab a midnight snack, ‘unwrap’ some secrets, or practice my Southern accent. Personality trumps experience on the Food Network.

Stover, Chris It’s where I go if I want to grab a midnight snack, ‘unwrap’ some secrets, or practice my Southern accent.

The biggest calamity of living in a residence hall was not being able to indulge in the Food Network. But, at least I had its Web site to whip up some recipes from my favorite TV chefs.

The recipe of the Food Network itself has grown since its launch on Nov. 23, 1993. What once was a platform for professional chefs to show their skills is now an open forum where the everyday cook can compete in a competition, show off in front of America, or even get their own program.

But that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily left with quality programming. Here are the best and the worst – the personalities that make the network taste deliciously decadent or superficially sour.

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  1. i absolutely love the food network and i agree with everything you have said here, except i think you were a little hard on rachel ray. i met her in person and she is not that cheery and annoying in real life, she is pretty average. i guess it is just her tv personality that is sometimes unbearable. its funny i never visited the temple news website before and it was funny that this was the first article i saw. Like i said i love the food network and i was shocked to see this here because i thought temple news was just about all the bad things that were going on around campus, like raps, and thefts, etc. i’m glad i read your article and it will bring me back to the temple news website more often.

  2. Hey Stover…

    I thought you weren’t in this addition but I’m so glad you were!! I love getting this newspaper just to read your articles…and I can never find it around campus. I always see the Temple Times but no Temple news. Maybe you guys can get it to J and H…that would make me : ). I loved the Rachael Ray card..she is extremely annoying to me too!!

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