Rembert: Recognition for style inspires student’s fashion blog

Diamond Gbunble operates her fashion blog from Instagram, which she said she decided to open after repeatedly being approached by people who admire her clothing choices.

Diamond Gbunble uses her West Coast roots and blog inspirations to create her unique style. | Luis Fernando Rodriguez
Diamond Gbunble uses her West Coast roots and blog inspirations to create her unique style. | Luis Fernando Rodriguez

Diamond Gbunble is in the midst of her first year at Temple after transferring from Villanova, though she’s in her third year of studying international business. Gbunble said she is a California native, but loves the city and the freedom she gets on campus to express her personal style. She shared stories with The Temple News about her style, blogging and embarrassing fashion moments.

THE TEMPLE NEWS: How would you describe your personal style?

DIAMOND GBUNBLE: I dress how I feel. I’m originally from California, so I try to incorporate my West Coast fashion with the East Coast fashion.

TTN: Where did you get your outfit today from?

DG: My skirt is from Charlotte Russe, my cardigan is from Lord and Taylor, my scarf is from H&M — so a bunch of different places. My ear cuff is from Claire’s and my shoes are from Payless.

TTN: Where do you get inspiration from?

DG: I get inspiration from my surroundings. It depends on where I’m going. As a business student, I’m expected to wear black and white all day, but I don’t like black and white. I’m not going to wear a tuxedo to class every day, I refuse to. So I try to dress somewhat professional, but I like to make it fun.

TTN: Do you have any fashion icons or celebrities whose style you admire?

DG: I admire Vanessa Hudgens. I love her boho-chic style, so I like to copy her sometimes. I also love Miley Cyrus’ rock ‘n’ roll style. Every now and then I challenge that and recreate her outfits.

TTN: What stores do you shop at?

DG: I do a lot of online shopping now.  I love, which is a London-based store, and I love Nasty Gal. My friend models for a Los Angeles-based store called Joyrich, and he sends me a lot of pieces from there as well.

TTN: What trends are you looking forward to this fall?

DG: Color blocking. I love wearing burgundy with bright red and other colors. I’m looking forward to that.

TTN: What fashion tips do you have for Temple students?

DG: Be yourself. Let your personality translate through whatever you wear.

TTN: Would you say your style has evolved throughout the years?

DG: It has definitely changed as my surroundings have. Moving from California to here, I have to be somewhat more conservative. Back in California, I’d wear a bikini and high-waisted shorts, but here I have to be a little more demure.

TTN: What was one of your most embarrassing fashion moments?

DG: Last week I had black tights on with an oversized sweater, but I had a big rip in my tights. Some random guy came up to me and said, ‘You look cute, but did you notice the rip in your tights?’ I was so embarrassed because he was so cute.

TTN: What’s a trend that you hate?

DG: I hate the high-low trend. I’m a victim though, because I have a couple of skirts like that, but I honestly hate it. Every designer does it now and they should stop.

TTN: What made you want to start your blog?

DG: People like [columnists]. People stop me all the time and ask where I get my clothes from and tell me they love my style. Now I can take a bunch of photos and tell people where I get all my stuff from. I can show my personal style and wear everything a bunch of different ways.

TTN: What’s the name of your blog?

DG: It’s on Instagram, and it is called Fashion in Translation.

TTN: Are there any other bloggers that you love?

DG: My favorite blog right now is called Fifth ‘n’ Sixth Closet. They are two sisters, and they wear the same exact clothes but each of them wears it so differently. One is really girly and one of them is a tomboy.

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