Rembert: Student offers fashion advice – ‘Be yourself’

Rembert spoke with fashionista Antonia Curry about her go-to styles on campus this past week.

Antionia Curry loves the styles of Cher Lloyd and Sky Ferreira. | Luis Fernando Rodriquez TTN
Antionia Curry loves the styles of Cher Lloyd and Sky Ferreira. | Luis Fernando Rodriquez TTN

I noticed Antonia Curry sitting at the Bell Tower studying on Wednesday afternoon. Her look – a long, flowy, patterned dress paired with flat, hippie-style sandals – was effortless. She wore her hair down and added a few small pieces of jewelry to set off the outfit. She looked ethereal and pretty. Though this sophomore is undeclared in her major, she’s not confused when it comes to style.

The Temple News: How would you describe your personal style?

Antonia Curry: I like to wear bohemian and indie things. I like bigger sweaters, long dresses, maxi skirts, all that stuff.

TTN: Where do you get inspiration from?

AC: Free People. I just look at their stuff and I’m like, ‘oh my god.’ It’s all so nice and I just love it. I just try to either buy it there or, if it’s too much, I try to match it with other stores.

TTN: Do you have any fashion icons you look up to style-wise?

AC: I love Cher Lloyd and Sky Ferreira’s style.

TTN: What stores do you shop at?

AC: Free People, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s and PacSun.

TTN: What trends are you looking forward to this fall?

AC: Harem pants. I can’t wait to wear those. Boots, I always love boots. Sweaters, leggings and cute beanie hats. I’m going to look for some of those this weekend probably.

TTN: Do you have any fashion tips for the students of Temple?

AC: Just wear what you want. I wouldn’t wear what I liked last year because I thought people on campus wouldn’t like it or think that I was weird. But, honestly, if you dress like yourself, people love it. It’s cool and you feel pretty, too.

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