Reporter’s tactics were cruel, unwarranted


I read an article in The Temple News [“Singles get struck by Craigslist’s arrow,” Amanda Fries, Dec. 4, 2007], and I could not help but respond. I am a commuter student at Temple. This was actually the first Temple News I have ever picked up and read. I am also newly single after a five-year relationship and am new to the singles scene. I have never personally used an online dating service to begin or create a relationship. However, in the times and world we live in, I feel as though they are necessary.

Men, myself included, have a fear of women that has not been answered or understood. Aside from the perverts, pedophiles and cheats that sometimes occupy the dating scene, I am sure there are genuinely good single men and women. They do not deserve to be made a mockery of for an article’s sake.

The purpose of my e-mail is to call you out on your actions. It seems as though this was a science experiment for you. It might have been a clever ploy to generate an article but it was a petty decision to play this game with unassuming individuals. It seems as though their stories, the way they acted, the entire date was an act to entertain you and the readers of your article.

It is no surprise that people resort to online dating, or no dating in general. People constantly wonder if they are being talked about, made fun of, and embarrassed after a date. While you used clever abbreviations and tried your best to conceal identities, it enters into a thinking brain.

Who does this girl believe she is? Why is she actually generating an article ridiculing an individual’s dating style, personality or conversational ability? Maybe none of your unassuming dates will ever read the article, maybe you will never talk to them, but that does not mean that the article was not written in poor taste.

This seemed like a ploy to generate a response using real feeling human beings as your ammunition. That is in poor taste and should be commented upon.

Thank you,
Dan Kunz
Class of 2008

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