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Still chain smoking? It might be because you didn’t hook up on New Year’s Eve. Legend has it that the kiss you share at the stroke of midnight dates back to the days of masked

Still chain smoking? It might be because you didn’t hook up on New Year’s Eve. Legend has it that the kiss you share at the stroke of midnight dates back to the days of masked ballroom dances. The masks represent evil spirits from the past year, and the kiss signifies purification for the year ahead.

It’s likely that even though you may have shared a smooch with a special someone, your life is full of irritating vices. These vices may include eating four tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, watching Laguna Beach and smoking cigarettes, just to name a few.

If you planned on reinventing yourself for the new year, but your resolution lasted as long as it took to open another bag of chips, now is the time to reflect. Below are tips on resurrecting your New Year’s resolution. This time, stick to your promise.

Losing weight

Almost everyone has made this pledge, unless you are one of the 1.0245 percent of the population that actually wants to gain weight. The first step toward making a change in body type is setting a realistic goal. Freshman Dave Allen resolved to eat healthier for the new year, and he stuck with it.

“I stopped eating things like Cinnabons,” Allen said. “I’ve been eating more vegetables and fruit. Now I have more energy.”

Losing weight should be a gradual process. Try cutting the amount of weekly General Tso’s Chicken intake from four to two servings. The following week, take that number down to one serving. Also, try unusual ways of losing weight. Dance, Dance Revolution is one way work up a sweat. Just be sure not to stomp too loudly. Your neighbors downstairs will thank you.

Quitting smoking/drinking/ killing your liver

Organs are vital. In order to sustain and produce life, you need to take care of what you have. Remember those “Just Say No” posters in elementary school? You should have listened. Binge drinking shocks your liver. The vomiting afterward isn’t good for you heart. Substitute drinking booze with having a glass of red wine at dinner. This alcohol is actually good for your heart if taken in moderation. Researcher Serge Renaud and colleagues from the University of Bordeaux in France found some very useful information about the benefits of wine. The study found that moderate wine consumption (two to three glasses a day) is connected to a 30 percent reduction in the death rate from all causes.

You know how when you come home from a club or bar and your hair and clothes smell like moth balls and gin? That’s an effect of smoking and drinking. If that’s gross, think about the 3,000 chemicals you inhale, not to mention the 4,000 chemicals you exhale while smoking. For more motivation, think about all the money you’ll save on teeth whitener.

Becoming a better student, over-all person in general

Grades plummet for a reason. It may have something to do with staying up all night just because nobody tells you to go to bed anymore. Instead of checking other people’s away messages 10 times and playing Spider Solitaire, try reading a book. Yes, the last book you may have read was “Goosebumps,” but you should really start reading the required texts assigned for class. When you do your homework, you become more intelligent. Thus, you can actually partake in stimulating conversations, not to mention earning higher grades.

Getting organized/saving $

Let’s face it; you can’t go on a date if you spent your savings on the new DVD box set of Salute Your Shorts and Eagles Superbowl tickets. But chances are, if you did manage to score tickets, you probably have both guys and girls all over you. The moral of the story is to watch what you spend. Try putting $20 in a shoebox under the floorboards every time you get paid. It won’t ever get stolen.

To make life easier, promptly return phone calls and e-mails the same day you receive them. For more organization, try to find your Trapper-Keeper from fourth grade. Use this for managing bills, homework papers and business cards.

Becoming a do-gooder

The world needs your help. Whether you decide to join Greenpeace or decide to begin recycling, everything you do has an impact. Word has it when you do something positive, you’ll feel better about yourself. I have a friend whose resolution was to steal from major corporations, giving the overpriced turkey and havarti sandwiches to the homeless. Although stealing is bad, the motive was good.

To get involved in humanitarian efforts, try donating blood to the American Red Cross. You can help house families through Habitat for Humanity. There are also young people who need responsible mentors through Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America. Visit , or for more information.

Being more considerate

Nobody likes a mass e-mail, a bad driver or a drunk dialer. Temple alumnus Christine Roldan is trying to be more positive this year.

“I’ve been reading the “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra. It’s really good,” Roldan said.

Positivity is the cousin of respect. To be more respectful, thus more considerate, think about your actions and the effects they’ll have come tomorrow. If you do have a significant other, make sure to make time for friends. These are the people who know everything about you, yet they still want to be seen with you in public. Value them like a mint condition Michael Jordan rookie card.

Finding a significant other

Instead of playing girlfriend mode on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or living vicariously through Monica Wright in Love & Basketball, try finding a living, breathing significant other. It’s 2005, and the time has never been easier to find a date. There are plenty of online resources for dating. No matter how unique you are, you will be sure to find people who share similar interests as you (practicing the bow staff, playing piano, watching reruns of Hanging with Mr. Cooper).

Online dating is a certified hit, especially if you have a flattering picture. Be sure to take down any posters reading “Pegasus Xing” that may get in your shot. If you are a “Mr. Personality,” be sure to have a very interesting hobby list. Check out MySpace, Thefacebook, Craigslist and Friendster.

Any positive change is for the better, regardless of the pledge you made to yourself. There are many resolutions that float around during January, so it won’t hurt to cheat a little. Although most are short-lived, only you can allow your resolution to survive until next year. Good luck, and try not to fall asleep on the elliptical machine.

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