Sanzhez lifts Owls over Penn

Jorge Gomez Sanchez scored three goals in the team’s 3-0 victory against Penn Sunday.

“Hat trick, Hat trick” is all you could hear after Jorge Gomez Sanchez netted his third goal of the night Sunday during the Owls  3-0 victory against the University of Pennsylvania.

The transfer junior midfielder from European University of Madrid in Spain has ten goals on the season, the second most in Division I.

“I think our chemistry and most importantly our speed has helped us score goals this season,” coach David MacWilliams said. “We had some guys come in this season, like Jorge who have helped us put together the missing pieces.”

In seven games the Owls (6-0-1) have outscored their opponents 14-3.

“These group of guys love to play together,” MacWilliams said. “You can see it on the field, everybody wants to help each other out and produce wins. All the hard work we do in practice is transitioning to the game.”

Gomez scored his first goal 32nd minute after sophomore midfielder Dinho Zwane sent a cross to Sanchez’s feet. After some scrambling around defenders Sanchez made some room, and struck the ball with his left foot into the bottom right corner of the frame.

Early in the second half, Sanchez tallied two more goals, six minutes apart from each other.

“We treat each other like brothers out there on the field,” Said Sanchez. “Being undefeated isn’t a dream for us it’s reality. Our goal is to just keep winning.”

Last season, the Owls scored thirteen goals and former Owl Chas Wilson led the team with four goals. In seven games this season, Sanchez has nearly tripled Wilson’s total and has nearly tied last season’s total of 13 goals.

“Coming over to America wasn’t easy. I was homesick because I miss my family members,” Sanchez said. “Luckily they get to watch every game. Every time I step on the field it’s for them.”

“Yes I love to score goals, but it’s about the team. I can’t score if my teammates don’t create the opportunity for me,” Sanchez added. “I play for Temple University not for myself.”

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