Saturday night at The Underground: Dec 3, 10 p.m.

This Saturday at The Underground Temple welcomes its last group of bands for the semester. Musical groups The Josh Cramoy Band and Jena Berlin will perform.

The Josh Cramoy Band is a four member band based out of Lake Placid, New York. Josh Cramoy sings and plays guitar, his brother Jeremiah Cramoy is on base, guitar, and vocals and Mike Bidwell is the lead guitarist and provides back up vocals. The band is currently in the process of finding a new drummer. Josh Cramoy described their musical style as a “Matchbox Twenty, contemporary rock.” They are currently unsigned and they have one album released entitled Saving Grace. Opening for Gavin DeGraw last December at University of Massachusetts Lowell campus was one of the bands most interesting and memorable experiences, Josh Cramoy said.

Jena Berlin, together for about two years, includes guitarists Mark Eble and Dave Klyman, who also add vocals, lead singer Jon Loudon, Jesse Gaun on base and Jeff Meyers who mans the drums.

Klyman, Loudon and Meyers graduated from Temple in May 2005. Meyers described their style as hardcore rock that is “a little more edgy than radio rock.” He added their sound is influenced by the bands Refused and At the Drive In. Their band name comes from two German cities where Karl Marx studied.

“We are not communist but the idea parallels our view of the music industry,” Meyers said.

The band believes in the idea that music should be more about doing what you love and less about making money.

“We have very passionate musical beliefs and the name is almost like a hidden bash at the music industry,” Meyers said.

Their most recent album Passion Waits as the Program Keeps Going dropped in June. More information on Jena Berlin can be found at

-Ashley Truxon

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