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The university has refused to provide information to The Temple News regarding two Greek life investigations this semester.

Temple suspended all social privileges for Alpha Epsilon Pi on Thursday after allegations surfaced of potential violations.

Both the university and Temple’s Panhellenic Council have refused to provide more details to The Temple News about the investigation or the accusations. Neither Chris Carey, the senior associate dean of students, nor Laura Eckel, the faculty adviser for the Panhellenic Council, would discuss the case.

This is the second time this semester that a fraternity has been investigated on Main Campus. Last month, Kappa Delta Rho underwent an investigation for possible hazing.

Regarding both investigations, Carey told us he couldn’t comment on active investigations.

It is shameful that administrators from our own university refuse to provide details about these investigations. As the university’s student newspaper, it is our job to provide students with the information they need to stay safe on and around Main Campus. As university administrators, it is their job to cooperate in providing us with that information.

In an email from Temple’s Panhellenic Council President Rose McBride to all Panhellenic sororities on Main Campus that was obtained by The Temple News, she said the council will no longer associate with the fraternity “in the face of allegations and threats to risk management.”

“Collectively as a council, we must enact this statement and encourage the women and men affected to file a report to Student Conduct,” she wrote. “Testifying at student conduct hearings is the most effective way to ensure that an organization in violation of the Student Conduct Code is held accountable and that no more students are taken advantage of.”

For the Panhellenic Council to cut all ties with AEPi, we imagine these allegations must be serious. To ensure the safety of all students moving forward, we hope university officials will share specific details about the investigation.

It is a disservice to the Temple community to leave students in the dark.

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