A show of support

The field hockey team attended the lacrosse team’s most recent game.

Friends, family and alumni came to support the lacrosse team on Wednesday as it faced off against La Salle, and among them was nearly the entire field hockey team.

“I definitely feel that in sports we are all one big family and we like to see each other succeed, field hockey junior goalkeeper Lizzy Millen said. “Especially in this time when sports have been cut it’s really important that we show our support for everybody.”

“We spend a lot of time in the training room and weight room together and we all kind of know the athlete grind,” field hockey junior midfielder Nicole Kroener said.

Both the field hockey and lacrosse teams play on Geasey Field. The two programs have a history of supporting each other, but these two teams have an added reason for their familiarity.

“I think it really stems from our coaches being close and because of that we have always just been involved with each other,” Millen said.

Lacrosse coach Bonnie Rosen and field hockey coach Amanda Janney have known each other well since they have both been at Temple nearly a decade.

“We all really support each other a lot and it’s not just field hockey, but since we share this field and we always see each other a lot and we are always in each other’s corner rooting each other on,” Rosen said.

Following a loss to rival La Salle, Rachel Schwaab was encouraged after hearing about the support.

“It’s really nice to have them out here supporting us,” Schwaab said. “A lot of sports come to do that, but it’s nice to see that other people at school are coming out to support us. We go to most of their games and help out as ball girls so we get to know each other well.”

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