Showcasing the dangers of drinking

In recognition of National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Campus Alcohol and Substance Awareness presented frozen
scenes at the Bell Tower to show the dangers of drinking.

Tiffany Johnson, one of the organizers of the event said, “CASA wanted to do something that people couldn’t ignore.”

It was hard for students to ignore the facts splashed across poster boards and students acting out scenes, such as pretending to throw up after a night of binge drinking during the presentation
on Oct.18.

“The group’s aim is responsibility. What could happen if you go over the edge,” Michelle Rossi, an actress in one of the scenes, said. Rossi played a girl who could not remember if she had had sex the night before because she drank too much alcohol.

A police officer also spoke to passing students about drunk driving. Next to the police officer’s table, a girl pretended to be in the hospital.

The poster above her head said that students can be charged up to $3,500 for a night in the hospital after consuming too much alcohol.

“Our philosophy is harm reduction,” Jared Rodrigues, graduate extern for CASA, said. “We’re not an abstinence program.”

-Leanne Matlach

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