Sidewalk: Philadelphia

Code yellow! (Photo One)

There’s something classically Parisian about this bright yellow crop jacket paired with a navy blue pencil skirt and brown boots.

It’s reminiscent of the old cartoon show “Madeline” and works as a good transitional piece for January’s mild temperatures. The mix of dark and bright is an early greeting to spring while appropriate enough to wear for winter, which is exactly why I knew Spring wasn’t too far when I spotted Leann across the street chatting on her cell phone.

Best things about Philadelphia:
“The little boutiques around Old City.”

Favorite stores:
Echochic, Third Street Habit, Vagabond

Favorite piece of clothing or accessory you own right now:
APC trench coat.

Colour (Photo Two)
These two women were a pair to be seen as I caught them perusing down Walnut Street on their way to Urban Outfitters. I love the 80s and not only did Nikki, 21 (right) remind me of the decade, but her asymmetrical haircut just screamed Blondie-gone-bad.

Her turquoise green leggings and violet suede boots added color to her pallet. Her friend chose to lay low of vibrant colors, but a burst red from her knit beret lightened it all.

Favorite stores for shopping:
South Street, “There are a lot of independent run stores.”

Fashion Designers:
Betsey Johnson, Versace, Dsquared, Mike and Chin

Favorite piece of clothing or accessory you own right now:
Alex and Chloe Jewelry

“These vintage boots I bought off of eBay” said Jessica Smothers

Cosy Cosi (Photo Three)

There’s nothing better then a pretty scarf on a cold winter’s day, and when tied with a creative twist it can serve a stylishly warm function. These two young women were caught in the cozy cafe, Cosi and also happen to be Temple students.

Best Thing about Philadelphia:
“They have a lot of shops and boutiques that sell unique pieces,” said Genevia, 18

Favorite stores for shopping:
Urban Outfitters, H&M, Guacamole

Favorite Piece of Clothing/ Accessories you own Right Now!
“These new ankle boots I got from Nine West,” said Danielle, 18

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