A few weeks ago I focused mainly on Temple dudes who were stylin’ on campus, but this week I ventured out in the city and caught some of these cuties on the sidewalks of Philadelphia. Check ’em out!

Who: Verlyncia Tyson
Age: 18
Major: Sport and recreation management
Caught in action: Liacouras Walk
Where do you shop in Philly? Thrift stores, Buffalo Exchange, H&M
What she was wearing: Boots and jeans from thrift store, sweater and scarf from H&M
Style inspiration: Mary Kate Olsen, Johnny Depp and Nicole Ricci
Best piece in your closet right now: Black spandex & my white v-neck shirt

Who: Syretta Lockett, former Temple student
Age: 20
Major: Fashion advertising at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City
Caught in action: Urban Outfitters on Walnut Street
Favorite thing about Philly: “Little thrift shops. It offers a lot of variety to shop.”
Favorite designers: Balengcia, Heatherette and Marc Jacobs
Style inspiration: “Anything I feel like wearing when I wake up is usually what I go with.”

Who: Kate Leshko
Age: 20
Major: Journalism
Caught in action: The Tech Center
Favorite thing about Philly: Thrift stores, H&M, small boutiques
Style inspiration: “Sienna Miller, I kind’ve have a girl crush on her.”

Who: Chris Lee
Age: 20
Major: Political science/GUS
Caught in action: 2nd and Market streets
Favorite thing about Philly: “Free Sundays at the art museum. It’s super relaxed.”
Where I shop In Philly: H&M and Ubiq
What he was wearing: Army surplus peacoat, Levi’s 501s, Nike Dunk SBs
Best piece in your closet right now: Dunk SBs

Who: Alexandra Mermet
Age: 21
Major: Marketing
Caught in action: Temple Center City Campus
Favorite thing: Old City
Why: “It reminds me of France, where I’m from.”
Favorite places to shop: Urban Outfitters
Best piece in your closet right now: Chloé white dress

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