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The emo-punk band released a split with Philly band A Day Without Love on Aug. 19.

Members of the five-piece band, Uncle/Father Oscar, are entering the emo-punk band scene in Philadelphia with a new split with A Day Without Love. Jared Whalen | TTN
Members of the five-piece band, Uncle/Father Oscar, are entering the emo-punk band scene in Philadelphia with a new split with A Day Without Love. Jared Whalen | TTN

When a band douses itself in pop-culture obscurity, it can either light up in clever wit or crash and burn like a bad joke. The former is the case for emo-punk band, Uncle/Father Oscar. Borrowing its name from “Arrested Development” and including Men in Black voice-overs in its songs, the band does not take itself too seriously. Comedy driven lyrics, quirky guitar hooks and catchy vocal lines characterize the band’s music.

The Delaware County band formed in the summer of 2013. Later that year, the band’s first EP, “Whami Guam Brad” was released. Uncle/Father Oscar released a split with Philly band, A Day Without Love on Aug.19. The album, “A Day Without Oscar,” was recorded with Jake Detwiler of Fresh Produce Studios.

Uncle/Father Oscar features Dallas Scott, a senior film and media production major, on guitar and vocals, Kyle Bosler on bass, Keith Rogers on drums and vocals, Kevin Rogers on guitar and Tom Conran on tenor guitar.

The Temple News: How did everyone in the band meet and start playing together?

Tom Conran: I have been playing music with Dallas since ninth grade. The next two to meet were Dallas and Kevin, I was at school when that happened. But yeah, we came together and recorded the first EP at different places that we had access to. Some of it was the best of places in terms of fidelity wise. I then had to run off to college and finish up my degree, so we agreed upon Kyle rocking out the bass. Since coming back it’s been playing catch up with learning and crafting parts for the older and newer songs, but now here we are!

Dallas Scott: I’ve played in bands with Tom forever. Then he went to Michigan and I asked Kevin to play. So we did. Then Tom came back and now we’re unstoppable forever.

TTN: What are some bands that have influenced your music?

Kevin Rogers: Dallas is the indie-rock guy. Keith is the pop-star. Kyle is the radio rock guy. I’m the punk guy and Tom just likes weird s—.

Kyle Bosler: As far as a band, we come from many different influences. I enjoy many genres. Some bands that inspire me are Circa Survive, The Fall of Troy, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Goo Goo Dolls, Queens of the Stone Age and many more.

DS: Without Green Day I never would’ve picked up a guitar, but without my uncle I never would’ve kept playing. So it’s always been a really personally evolving thing. In a contemporary sense, bands like Joyce Manor, Hop Along, Glocca Morra and Dikembe are a big deal to me. But then Say Anything, Modest Mouse, Brand New and Vampire Weekend have some of my favorite albums. So yeah, it’s all over the map.

Keith Rogers: Snowing, Algernon Cadwallader, This Town Needs Guns, American Football.

TC: Mars Volta, This Town Needs Guns, Radiohead, Supertramp – I’ve been on a big “Crime of the Century” kick right now.

Kevin R: The Beatles, The Clash, Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr., Weezer, Cap’n Jazz and of course beer and weed.

DS: Put Dinosaur Jr. for me too. J Mascis gives me life.

Kevin R: No man, it’s too late man.

TTN: Tell me a bit about your upcoming split with A Day Without Love.

DS: We personally think it has really shown how our songwriting keeps evolving. It was a quick weekend, but it meant a lot for us to get these songs on a split with our friends. Plus, Fresh Produce is cool and Jake is just so handsome.

TTN: Describe your experience as a band in the Philadelphia music scene.

KB: It’s an awesome feeling. Having people that care about us that aren’t from our area. It’s an honor to play with so many good bands. It’s a great way to make new friends.

DS: Philly is a charming crust punk who likes hip-hop and scares you a little but will buy you a soda if you’re short 50 cents. Work a little hard and it’ll have a basement for you somewhere.

TC: It’s really awesome, for me, coming from a town where 10,000 make up a huge town. I always was around the scene and never could jump into it because of school, but now that I am back I am loving it.

Keith R: It’s been really cool playing basement shows and getting to hang out with other people who are as driven to make music as us.

Kevin R: Everyone has been really nice to us and seems to like us and I like everybody as well. It’s a really nice community in Philly. Best city in the world.

TTN: Outside of listening to music, what have been some experiences that influence your writing?

KB: With Uncle/Father Oscar, they inspire me to become a better musician. I think we all feed off each other. As far as my other projects go, experience inspires me.

DS: I love comedy too much. Our name is from one of the greatest scripted sitcoms of our generation. So I think it translates into music. Keep it tight, catchy, goofy, sporadic, chaotic and sad.

Keith R: Batman, Mike Barbs, human experience, Adrien Brody.

Kevin R: Just people around me, where I’m from and life in general. I feel like when I write lyrics I usually don’t write about myself, but about people I know or people around me or people I used to know.

TC: Literature, of all sorts, really helps me find some of the parts I play. I really like to read with my instrument in order to seek inspiration for some parts that I am having trouble working in.

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