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Main Campus Program Board president Brendan Bailes can give countless reasons why students should be excited about homecoming, but in the end it all comes down to one thing. “It’s a pride thing. It’s Temple

Main Campus Program Board president Brendan Bailes can give countless reasons why students should be excited about homecoming, but in the end it all comes down to one thing.

“It’s a pride thing. It’s Temple pride,” said Bailes, a senior communications major. “It’s the fun side of college, so I think that’s why it’s important. That’s why students should care.”

In collaboration with Temple Student Government, the members of MCPB have planned some brand new events – and put a new spin on some old ones – for Homecoming 2007.

For the members of the MCPB and TSG, the pressure is on to make this year’s homecoming the best it has ever been.

Last year was the first time that students independently organized homecoming week. Several students said they have fond memories from Homecoming 2006.

“Last year was really good,” senior BTMM major Quincy Dews said. “Temple won the football game [and] then we had the Roots perform. I think with students taking it over and planning it themselves, we get more of what we want.”

Homecoming week is all about Temple, Dews said.

“It’s all about us doing us,” he said. “It gives you a chance to be proud of your school, and if your football team wins, all the better.”

In addition to attending homecoming events, Dews will be DJing for WHIP, the student-run radio station, at the Bell Tower Tuesday.

Senior psychology major Keelie Fitzgerald agreed that last year’s homecoming was a hit.

“I think last year was probably the best of all,” Fitzgerald said. “All the events and the [football] game were fun. I just liked it better than the year before . . . Maybe it’s because students are planning it, but I just think it’s a lot more fun.”

Fitzgerald said she is looking forward to finding out what’s on the homecoming agenda this year. Regarding the Temple football game against Northern Illinois Saturday, she said, “Hopefully we win, but I’m not going to hold my breath.”

Some homecoming events have changed since last year. One of the biggest new additions to this year’s schedule is the Flag Football Frenzy, which will be held at Geasey Field Friday.

“That is going to be a really big event,” Bailes said. “We asked our general assembly at Main Campus Program Board, and they voted almost unanimously for the flag football [game]. It’s going to be crazy . . . Then, of course, it gets people excited for the homecoming game on Saturday.”

The classic Homecoming Court Pageant event was also altered, to make the event more competitive than it was in previous years.

“This year for the pageant, we are eliminating two people that night,” said MCPB university events chair Candace Moses. “That’s a major change; it’s a little more competitive.”

The contestants for this year’s Royalty Court are junior public relations major Bethany Davis, senior journalism and political science major Mary C. Schell, senior anthropology major Jenna Smith, junior broadcasting and psychology major Anthony Albanese, senior BTMM major Marty Asalone and third-year civil engineering major Jenner Cole. Students will have a chance to vote for four of the six contestants to determine the king and queen. [Davis is a member of the Templar. Schell is a staff writer for The Temple News.]

“Out of the six contestants we have right now, four of them are Greek,” Moses said. “But it’s a very diverse Greek group . . . Then you have two resident assistants.”

Whether it’s through the Royal Court or the Flag Football Frenzy, students who organized Homecoming said they want everyone on campus to get involved.

“If you’re not a part of it, you can’t enjoy it,” said Nadine Mompremier, TSG vice president of student affairs. “Homecoming, I believe, is one of the strongest times for both administrators and students to come together.”

Students can help by spreading the word about Homecoming, Momrpremier said. “The students’ voice is so powerful, just passing it on and talking to each other,” she said.

Moses said she wants students to “come out and get excited”

“It’s a different kind of homecoming, a different school,” she said. “Every year we’re getting closer to our goal of diversity and school spirit.”

“What better way to enjoy your college experience,” Bailes said, “than by getting out to fun events with other students?”

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