Students reflect on college years and what awaits their futures

Whether they’re starting jobs or going to grad school, many are happy to graduate.

Temple has released another batch of Owls into the job world.

Winter graduation ceremonies for the university’s schools and colleges were held the past two Fridays, and the new graduates said they felt a mix of excitement to get out of school and nervousness about the economy.

Youthearith Sokhan, a recent grad from the College of Science and Technnology, said it’s been hard trying to find a job.

“I’ve applied, and no one has gotten back to me,” Sokhan said.

He said his parents ask him every day about when he is going to get a job. Sokhan is planning on moving home to live with his parents in Harrisburg.

Family is Joseph Fazio’s secret weapon in his search for a job after graduation. Fazio, a graduated math and business major, said his family is very supportive of his looking for a career. He said his parents would like him to move home instead of staying in Philadelphia.

His father, Joseph Fazio Sr., said his house is always open to his son.

He worries about his job prospects for his son.

“I’m terrified for all of the graduates,” he said. “I worry about everyone and their jobs.”

An extended education is keeping James Rotoli’s family from asking job questions. The bio-chemistry graduate said he is planning on going to pharmacy school in the fall.

“I don’t think I’ll have any problem getting a job,” he said. “I believe going into pharmacy and anything within the health care system is job security.”

He said his major was tough and hard to get through, but he is glad he stuck with it.

Pharmacy school might also be an option for Anna Mol. Mol, a chemistry graduate, is excited she received her diploma, but the job market worries her.

“I started looking for a job and there wasn’t much out there,” Mol said. “I then started thinking about getting my master’s and going to pharmacy school.”

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