Students to use Main Campus as DNC housing

DNC interns will stay at Morgan Hall in July.

Temple will serve as a hub for more than 200 students interns who will work at the Democratic National Convention later this year.

From July 25-28, those who will work at the convention will be housed in Morgan Hall, said Michelle Atherton, the associate director of Temple’s Institute for Public Affairs. Atherton said the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars chose Temple to house the interns. With many of the convention events occurring at the Convention Center and Wells Fargo Center, the interns will be able to travel on SEPTA’s Broad Street Subway Line.

Interns will take classes, attend seminars and informational discussions with experts in politics and work with the party in the afternoon.

The city is anticipating an influx of up to $350 million in economic impact from the convention, according to

Temple is sending ten students to the Democratic National Convention, and five to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on scholarships. The scholarships were awarded through the IPA and pay for all expenses related to the internship.

The cost of the program is $4,700, but interns can still serve in the program without the scholarship.

The students are being placed with different aspects of the convention like news media, national party officials and committees, state party delegations and host committees, according to the IPA’s website.

There is noticeable excitement on campus due to the convention being hosted in Philadelphia, said Damien Bower, a senior political science major and president of Temple College Democrats.

“It’s been a long time since a convention was held in Philly and an even longer time since that convention was Democratic,” he said.The last time Philadelphia hosted a Democratic National Convention was nearly 70 years ago.

In July 1948, the Democratic candidate who emerged victorious was incumbent Harry Truman, who then won the general election and went on to serve as President until 1953.

In 2000, Philadelphia hosted the Republican National Convention when George Bush won the nomination.

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars—which has been running programs since its conception in 1975—is the largest program of its kind, with more than 70 full-time staff members and 50,000 internship alumni.

“Students will be able to get involved in a number of different ways such as logistics, fundraising and community outreach,” Bower said. “This program provides a front-and- center view of the largest event that the Democratic Party hosts.”

The internship will introduce students to the political process, Atherton added. Bower said the convention will be invaluable to those who participate.

“I truly believe that anyone who was lucky enough to get accepted will have a wonderful experience that will certainly be rewarding,” he said.

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