Students turn business green

Students for Responsible Business aims to pair eco-friendliness and profitable enterprise.

Home to hundreds of organizations, Temple offers all its students the opportunity to get involved. Whether through existing or newly created clubs, a group of students with an idea can become an organization with the potential to make positive change.

Two years ago, a small group of students had an idea to expand their practices within the business profession.  With not much direction and only a few thoughts as to how to go about starting a club, the students took it upon themselves to get things moving. They searched for support from both the university and the surrounding community.

Finally, after hard work and dedication, came Students for Responsible Business.

Jessie Winslow (left), a senior communications major, and Jessica Wyckoff (right), a senior environmental and urban studies major, discuss ideas to make “green” lunch trucks on campus more environmentally friendly (Julia Wilkinson/TTN).

By this point in the school year, most students have noticed the Sexy Green Truck stationed outside the Student Center. Last spring, SRB decided to sponsor the food truck as a means of going against the norm. The organization used the opportunity to work with the food truck to make a statement and seek support for the club.

“The club has definitely proved its ability to improve and advance in its activeness throughout the surrounding community,” said Ben Schneible, a junior international business major and president of SRB. “It is exhilarating to see how membership has increased six times since just last semester.”

Even though membership was low during the first few semesters, there was hope things would soon take off.

Schneible has come up with innovative ideas for programming on campus. SRB’s mission statement focuses on encouraging students, not just business majors, to use “business activism” as an effective way to make change.

“I want this to be the most powerful group with strong leaders that will go out and make a positive impact in both the city and nation as a whole,” Schneible said.

The organization’s potential for growth and success has attracted students from different backgrounds to take advantage of its opportunities.

SRB’s affiliation with the national organization, NetImpact, enhances its credibility and capability to attract new members and seek out projects. Members are informed about the possibilities that relate to their majors and how they can pursue them in the business industry.

Ben Schneible, president of Students for Responsible Business, talks to members during a meeting Wednesday. The group promotes the advantages of the business industry (Julia Wilkinson/TTN).

“Being an older student with a considerable amount of professional work experience, I realized that business has been carried out the world over in the conventional way far too long without thought being given to how the same business can be made more green,” said Kashan Ahmed, a freshman international business major.

So far, green business initiatives have become SRB’s main focus.

Schneible and other dedicated members of SRB have linked up with Students for Environmental Action. The collaboration has spurred projects on sustainability, green production promotion and keynote speakers in the eco-friendly industry.

One project scheduled to take place in the spring involves SRB and Gravity Partners, a consulting group. Gravity Partners will work with SRB members and those interested in getting involved with green business through training. Students will be trained in green consulting and work with businesses on South Street to offer advice on how they can become more sustainable.

The forward-thinking within SRB has allowed for great successes in the past.

“Through SRB, I have met many great people who take a common interest in the green movement,” said freshman business management major Derek Saybolt. “There is a new booming market of business that promotes the same ideals as SRB. Participating in SRB will allow you to gain knowledge and experience in green aspects of business.”

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