‘Suspicious package’ outside College of Engineering detonated

Update: Since this article was initially published, The Temple News has received new information, which has been placed at the top of the story.

“The whole incident response went as well as expected,” said Charlie Leone, the executive director of Campus Safety Services. “We are fortunate it was not an explosive device, but glad our protocols were in place and worked.”

The Philadelphia Police Bomb Squad detonated a “military-style belt” with wires sticking out of it, Leone said earlier Tuesday morning.

The belt, similar to a work belt with wires, was found by a service operations crew entering the College of Engineering Building’s loading entrance on Norris Street, Leone said. The crew reported it to Temple Police, who later called in the bomb squad to examine the object.

After the bomb squad detonated the object, they found no explosive materials, Leone said.

Temple Police sent an alert around 9:15 a.m., telling students to avoid the area near the College of Engineering Building at 12th and Norris Streets.

“It was an abundance of caution,” said Charlie Leone, director of Campus Safety Services. “We didn’t want to take the chance.”

The building was evacuated and taped off and no injuries were reported.

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