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If you need to spice up your sex life, look no further than adding some sweets to the equation. Most stores specializing in products of an erotic nature stock edible undergarments and other edible products.

If you need to spice up your sex life, look no further than adding some sweets to the equation. Most stores specializing in products of an erotic nature stock edible undergarments and other edible products. One just has to know where to look.

The Mood, a local erotic shop located at 531 South St., has what you need to get your taste buds aroused.

“We sell edible underwear, edible massage
oils, candy bras and candy garters,” said assistant manager Shira Wemett. There are several types of edible underwear, according Wemett. Some have the taste and consistency of a fruit-snack, while others have candy beads attached to either the elastic bands riding the hips or the area covering the pubic region. The Mood’s most popular item is the candy panties.

“It’s like a candy necklace, but underwear,” Wemett said.

One company that sells its products at The Mood specializes only in edible undergarments.

Tasty Wear offers thong underwear with candy beads on the sides. The candy is strung on either side and tied up, and when it is eaten, it is simply untied and replaced using the replacement candy packages. Matching bras are sold with tie-on candy as well. Each item is priced between $10 and $15, and can be purchased
at www.tastywear.com.

Tasty Wear also offers candy pasties. For those not familiar with the workings of strip clubs, a pasty is adhesive nipple coverage. The Tasty Pastease is $9 and offers an interesting alternative to the candy bra.

If you’re not interested in wearing anything, but still want to get your taste buds involved in the action, don’t worry.

There are other options. These options come from places you might not expect. A search on Amazon.com turns up dozens of edible sexual products, mostly oils and body butter.

Interestingly enough, it also lists edible body paints among its inventory. Nobody could be found who has tried any of these body paints, and Amazon.com does not list any reviews for the paints, so its taste must go unreported for now.

Amazon also offers chocolate body paints, one of which comes in fancy packaging and includes milk, dark and white chocolate paints and a handy paintbrush. The upscale set costs $34.99, and might be just the thing to impress your chocolate-loving partner as a gift. This comes with a bonus as well.

If, for some odd reason, you’re not in the mood while using the chocolate, then a couple of tastes should get things going.

It’s true: chocolate can get you in the sexual mindset.”Chocolate contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that raises the body’s endorphins, our natural antidepressants,” said the appropriately
named Amy Painter of DiscoveryHealth.com.

“Enjoyed in moderation, a few morsels can lift libido.”

If you don’t like chocolate, there are other aphrodisiacs that can improve your sex drive. Fruits and vegetables are two of the more obvious choices, but dishes such as shellfish, turkey and chicken can rev your sex drive too.

A plate of halibut lacks the raw sex appeal of edible pasties, but it offers a good, healthy start to a night of fish-and-candy fueled passion – fish pun not intended.Of course, with all these tasty treats being added into the sexual process, there’s reason to make everything taste good – even the end product. That’s right, the ejaculate.

In Jenna Jameson’s recent book “How to Make Love Like a Pornstar: A Cautionary Tale,” the well-known adult performer states that pineapples and pineapple juice make the semen taste more appealing. Jameson should be an expert on the subject, and various message boards and Web sites seem to agree with her. Asparagus and garlic are two picks for foods to avoid before semen-swallowing because vegetables
may make ejaculate taste rancid.

You don’t have to be sexually active to get in on the edible fun. Kopps Bakery creates custom adult-themed confections with only an hour’s notice, and has branches located in Philadelphia. Visit www.cakes3.com to view their selection. Penis- and breast-shaped cakes are the most common, according to Aaron, the manager
of Kopps Bakery, who declined to give his last name, but it depends on the gender of the person that orders.

“Some of them order torsos, some of them order vaginas. It varies.”

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