Temple and Verizon decorate your cell phone

Repping your school just hit a new and personal level.

For cell phone junkies tired of having tropical fish, verdant pastoral fields, a clock or your best friend, girlfriend or boyfriend as your cell phone background, Verizon Wireless now provides Temple and Greek chapter themed wallpaper backgrounds for “Get It Now” program enabled phones.

Verizon offers its customers four Owl -themed Temple wallpapers and Greek logos for eight Greek organizations at Temple, said Sheldon Jones, a Verizon Wireless public relations manager for the region.

Verizon offers “over 750 college logos and fight songs, and 38 Greek organization insignias … at more than 230 [schools], including schools in the Big Ten, Atlantic Coast Conference, Southeastern Conference, Big 12 and other Division I-A colleges,” Jones said.

Get It Now is a virtual store available on enabled Verizon cell phones. Most Verizon phones have the Get It Now feature, Jones said.

Cost: $5.99 for five-use purchase, $3.99 for three-use purchase, $1.99 for one-use purchase. Charges are shown on the monthly bill.

Cingular, T-Mobile and Sprint wireless phone companies provide backgrounds for their phones, but do not carry Temple themed backgrounds.

The Verizon Wireless Get It Now virtual store launched in Sept. 2002. For a list of Get It Now enabled phones and Greek insignias visit www.temple-news.com.

Josh Chamberlain can be reached at Joshch@temple.edu.

List of Verizon phones with Get It Now capabilities:

LG VX6000
LG VX4600
LG VX4500
LG VX8000
LG VX7000
LG VX4700
LG VX6100
LG VX4650
Samsung SCH-a650
Samsung SCH-a790
Samsung SCH-N330
Samsung SCH-a890
Samsung SCH-a670
Samsung SCH-a570
Samsung SCH-a970
Samsung SCH-a850
Kyocera KX414
Kyocera KX444
Kyocera KX2
Kyocera KX434
Kyocera SE47
Kyocera KX1
Motorola a840
Motorola V65P
Motorola V260
Motorola V265
Motorola v710
Motorola E815
Motorola V276
Audiovox CDM-8900
Audiovox CDM-8910

Greek logos are available for Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Phi Alpha, Delta Sigma Phi, Delta Sigma Theta, Delta Zeta, Phi Beta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Rho, Tau Kappa Epsilon chapters, Jones said.

-Sheldon Jones, Verizon Wireless PR Manager for the Philadelphia Tri-State Region.

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