Temple prevents students from organizing

In response to the article on student registration being down, Mr. Boyd blames the victim. In reality, it is Mr. Boyd’s fault for making the requirements to be a student group unnecessarly high. You need to have five students appear before him (something next to impossible to accomplish with temple students incredibly busy schedule), and then you must be a student group for a semester before you can get any money. In cases where your organization is linked with an outside organization, the evaluation process can take up to a year.
Mr. Boyd and the Student Activities Center’s policies only lead to many unregistered student groups who want nothing to do with Temple buearacracy. It is reasons like this that TSG nor Temple’s listing of student groups neither represents Temple students or helps to encourage a vibrant democratic atmosphere at Temple University, since the right to associate is a founding principle of a democratic society.

Most students don’t have time for that kind of crap, in other words.

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