Temple students lead the young voting crowd

It wasn’t always easy, but Temple students made their way to the polls Tuesday to take part in the historic election.

Election Day finally came. The moment many Democrats, Republicans and everyone in between were waiting for. The day Americans could vote for putting their “country first” or “change.”

On Tuesday, the infamous question, which was asked during the months leading up to the election, “Are you registered to vote on campus?” switched to “Did you vote yet?”

Everyone from students and professors to security guards and dining hall employees asked it. The pressure to vote was felt by many, but it was also an annoyance, as some students couldn’t walk 10 yards without being asked.

“On my way back from class in Anderson [Hall], at least 20 kids asked me if I had voted yet,” said Ryan Houlihan, a freshman computer science major who voted earlier in the afternoon.

Campaign volunteers lined the many walkways and crosswalks on campus throughout the day. They informed students who were going to their polling places about the presidential candidates one last time.

Temple Student Government provided shuttle services to several voting locations surrounding Main Campus. Residents of James S. White residence hall were able to move swiftly in and out of their polling center at Tanner Duckrey School, located at 1501 W. Diamond Street.

Not all students were able to cast their votes as quickly.

Some students whose polling center was at the corner of 12th Street and Susquehanna Avenue waited in line for hours.

One unidentified student was in line for more than two hours before being able to vote. Other students also said they waited in lines for long periods of time, as lines at some polling places wrapped around the block.

After casting their votes, student voters went to the Student Center, where Ben & Jerry’s gave away free scoops of ice cream. Starbucks also offered free cups of tall brewed coffee for those who voted.

TSG hosted an Election Day viewing party in the Student Center in the evening.

Matthew D. Wargo can be reached at mdwargo@temple.edu .

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