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So starts a fresh year and a fresh semester, or if anyone is as bitter as I am, just another year and semester of failing. Just because we have to buy new calendars and new

So starts a fresh year and a fresh semester, or if anyone is as bitter as I am, just another year and semester of failing. Just because we have to buy new calendars and new textbooks does not mean there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All that means to me is more debt. I am going to do things a little differently this year.

Instead of telling myself – or lying to myself – that this semester will be amazing and I will do all of my work and go to class, I am just going to be honest. I will most likely sleep in at least once a week, be late at least three times a week and probably get mediocre grades because I will fall asleep while studying almost every night. Also, there is a good chance that an obnoxious amount of “FML” tweets will made under my username.

I sit back and watch all the twits tweet about how they are going to make serious changes with the new year and semester, and I have to laugh a bit. How embarrassing is it when you tweet that you want to drop 10 pounds and someone sees you sloshing down a Frosty? As I usually encourage lost souls to flock to the Twitosphere, in this case, I am asking you all to please stop unless you are angry like me and want to send witty yet angst filled tweets back and forth.

@SisiBloom: im gonna be on my grizzy this semester Temple Class of 2010 look out!

When I think about the term “grizzy,” I think about the word “grizzly,” and a mental image of a boy with a shocking amount of body hair for his ages pops into my head. How does one “be on their grizzy?” Maybe @SisiBloom means he or she is going to take Temple by storm in the same manner a grizzly bear would. Even if that is the case, I am still confused about how that would make anyone’s year the best one yet.
@lascuttt: @nickjonas THREE CHEERS FOR YEAR OF NO FEAR! You inspired me to write some fearless New Years resolutions! Thanks Best of luck in 2010 🙂
I wish this was a real conversation so I could spit out my cocktail in disbelief. I would have to be drinking a stiff cocktail to even be around anyone who thinks Nick Jonas is fearless. Unless, of course, @lascutt means Nick Jonas is fearless for sporting some sort of psychedelic perm in 2010. Are college students really looking to the Jonas Brothers for inspiration to be fearless? Forget Gandhi. Or maybe I should be more open minded. I could learn something from lyrics like: “Another minute, everything just feels so new, I need six minutes with you, six minutes.” Silly me – I thought it was seven minutes in heaven.

@TaylerFay: I’m doing it, Temple University, here I come.
Ah, hopeful student. I sincerely hope you do whatever “it” is you are doing, and I don’t mean to be discouraging. I just have a different thought process about the whole situation. I’d like to relate it to the bathrooms in Barton Hall. During the first week of school, there probably will be at least one roll of toilet paper and a lingering smell of bleach. But, what about the next week?  I have no doubt that it will return to its normal state of looking like a dungeon. Just saying.

Pessimism is the new optimism of 2010. Go ahead and strive for that A, and cry when you get the B. I’ll be having a celebratory drink when I get that B because my only goal was to pass.

Samantha Krotzer can be reached at samantha.krotzer@temple.edu.

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