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You all may call me a Twitter addict – or maybe just a loser – but either way, I may have a problem. I squirm at the thought of not being able to see the

You all may call me a Twitter addict – or maybe just a loser – but either way, I may have a problem. I squirm at the thought of not being able to see the constant Twitpics of the Kardashians or breaking news updates from NBC Philadelphia, and I am even not-so-secretly starting to enjoy Foursquare updates from certain friends.

As much as it might seem like I am head-over-heels for myself, my true passion is for Twitter. Some days I won’t even tweet, but Lord knows I am watching my timeline like a hawk. This is when I get scared. What is a girl to do when her true love is in someone else’s hands? Is a tweet really forever? What if Twitter becomes uncool like MySpace? I am starting to feel lightheaded. Check me in, Twit Baby, because I am addicted to you.samantha krotzer

Not to say that my addiction is at the point where I am favoriting my own tweets, but I have a legitimate addiction, unlike some of you twits out there crying about being addicted to really embarrassing items. That isn’t addiction – it is just bad taste. It’s kind of like the girl who cried wolf. And you know what happened to her? She was eaten.

@mccjosh: Looking through many of my most recent tweets it has become apparent that I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to hash tags. #omgmakeitstop

Are addictions ever healthy? I don’t think it would be called an addiction in that case. Oh, and yeah, #omgmakeitstop. I don’t know what hurts more: pointless hashtags or the thought that adults do not understand the concept of hash tags. *SMDH.

@carcostello13: The first step is admitting you have a problemm.. I HAVE AN UGG ADDICTION ♥

This is a serious problem. I really have no idea how anyone could be addicted to the fugliest shoe ever created. At least I am addicted to something that allows me to express my thoughts instead of some hideous taste in fashion, if you can even call suede “fashion.”

@MsPopns: I fell asleep with my phone in my hand, while I was tryna read my timeline….Oh yea, I’m addicted.

Girl, me too. I strangely wake up almost every day at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom, but I really think my body makes itself have to pee just so I wake up to check Twitter. No matter how much my eyes are burning from the bright light of my cell phone, there is no way I can go back to sleep until I read each and every one of Perez Hilton’s tweets about Lindsay Lohan’s addictions. Addictions. Life comes full circle.

@boredgirl260: I just don’t get how anyone could get addicted to masturbation

It’s pretty easy. Looking at your username, you may want to give it a try.

Maybe it is a little over-the-top to have two separate Twitter applications on your cell phone just in case one suddenly stops working, but what can I say? That little Twitter bird flutters in my veins.

Samantha Krotzer can be reached at samantha.krotzer@temple.edu.

*SMDH is an online abbreviation for “Shaking My Damn Head.” Because the subject of Temple Tweets is Web-related,readers may recognize the inclusion of some Internet shorthand they aren’t always familiar with. To find more translations of tech jargon, visit https://www.netlingo.com.

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