The hot spots for some good food

What do Temple students have to say about the food offered on campus?

Even on windy, murky, cloud-filled winter days, there are always suppliers to meet the constant demands of students on Main Campus.

The vendors.

At lunchtime, in front of most food stands and trucks, there are swarms of hungry Temple students and faculty placing orders or picking up their foods.

Bagel Hut owner Joann Ciallella said customers frequent her business because it has good products.

Ciallella bought the Bagel Hut last October, and she’s kept the menu almost completely the same, adding only a few new selections.

She said the flow of customers doesn’t have a particular peak and comes in “all day [with] no real prime time.”

Richie Jr., owner of Richie’s Deli located in the 12th Street Food Pad Vendors, said the secret to his business’ success is his love for his customers.

“I love my customers and I guess it shows,” he said.

His love for his customers is evident in the food selections the deli offers.

“We serve breakfast all day, [and] someone could get a cheesesteak when we first open up to the time we close,” he said.

The variety of food offered and genuine satisfaction keeps customers coming back, Richie said.

Ali Ibrahim from Ali’s Middle Eastern said he keeps his customers satisfied by noticing what his customers like. He adds new food to his menu and provides good customer service.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” Ibrahim said in response to the health inspection violation he received from the city’s Department of Public Health last fall.

It was a misunderstanding by the inspectors and “they came again, and cleared it.”

BTMM freshman Brittney Seegers likes the all-in-one convenience of the Student Center

“I like the [Student Center]. The woman [at the wrap place], I don’t know her name, is really, really nice.”

Seegers said the food from the lunch trucks seems to always be fried.

“Some places don‘t take Diamond Dollars [and] that’s difficult,” she said.

The Student Center isn’t immune from student dissatisfaction with food variety. Some students said they would like to see more competition and choices in the food court.

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