The most popular Facebook groups in the Temple network

It’s no secret that college students love Facebook. Most can attest to spending hours browsing through friends, photos and joining groups. But have you ever wondered which groups are most popular in your network? Well,

It’s no secret that college students love Facebook. Most can attest to spending hours browsing through friends, photos and joining groups. But have you ever wondered which groups are most popular in your network? Well, wonder no more. We have compiled a list of the 10 most popular groups in the Temple network.

10. Temple Late Night Booty Calls: 1,076 members

The group’s description alone is priceless: “When it’s Late and You Don’t Want to Go Home Alone.” This group serves as a forum for Temple Students to meet others when they are feeling a bit…lonely.

“I think it’s meant to be a joke,” said senior psychology major and group member Michael Kinsch. “Joining the Temple Late Night Booty Calls group, I would assume, is an expression to say ‘Hey I support booty calls, because sex is involved and I love sex.'”

9. Black Pride at Temple University: 1,561 members

The description of the group asks “Happy to be a Minority? Then realize that you are part of the majority.” This group is a place for the minorities of Temple to promote events and hold discussions on issues surrounding diversity.

8. Temple University Remembers the Victims of Virginia Tech: 1,588

Sports and recreation management and public relations double major Monique Peterson created this group on April 16, 2007. Membership quickly began to grow as the Temple community learned of the terrible tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech.

“This group has become so popular simply because Temple students felt so much sympathy for the victims, especially because they were students themselves,” Peterson said.

Peterson said dozens of people joined the group every hour on April 16, and membership continued to grow for days after.

7. Temple Party Crew: 1,687 members

Temple Party Crew informs Temple students of events and parties happening on campus or in Philadelphia. The discussion board boasts 316 topics promoting various parties, bars and events dating back to October 2004.

“I’m one of the brothers of Delta Chi Psi Fraternity Inc., and we made this group to show upcoming events like parties and community service,” said junior business administration major Jin Lim.

It’s clear that several students utilize this group to keep their social lives active.

“I’m in this group because I like to party,” said freshman political science major Dave Deming. “This group is popular because a lot of people want to blow off steam and it’s a great way to find out where to go without having to search in detail.”

6. Jesus Walks With Me: 1,682 members

This group’s description includes Bible verses and stories in support of Jesus. The wall and discussion board feature members posing questions and opening the group to an engaging dialogue.

5. Philadelphia Eagles: 1,773 members

Both permanent and temporary Philadelphians love the Eagles, and this fact has translated into one of Temple’s most popular Facebook groups. Temple alumnus Brian Spiewak created this group in 2004 to support Philly’s favorite team. Membership grew as the season continued, and the Eagles worked their way to the Super Bowl. As to why the group has become so popular, Spiewak said, “We live and die by the Eagles and as everyone says, we bleed green!”

4. I Went to Public School and I Have Yet to Shoot Anyone or Get Knocked up (Temple Chapter): 1,906 members

“Private school is for pansies,” states the description of the group. Senior international business and finance double major Brad Hoffman created the group in fall 2004 as a joke. He saw that his friend at the University of Pittsburgh had created a similar group and decided to create his own on a whim.

“There are a lot of funny messages posted on the discussion board,” Hoffman said. “The level of popularity is something that I am wondering about myself. I also think that it is a cool group to join if you went to public school.”

3. Wawa Lovers Club of TU: 2,046 members

Wawa: It’s a guilty pleasure. At least 2,046 Temple students seem to agree. Senior marketing major Bradley Schleyer created this group in 2004 when all he really wanted was a Wawa hoagie.

“When I arrived on campus freshman year, I found 7-Eleven without any problem,” Schleyer said. “Sure enough, there was no Wawa. I made the group to unite other students who were feeling the same way I was.”

The Facebook group’s wall includes 66 posts of Temple students proclaiming their love for the popular convenience store.

2. Temple University: 3,468 members

Temple University is a “generic group for Temple students to join,” said creator senior sports and recreation management major Jordan Hinsch. He created it in September 2004 and says that the group started to become popular in the spring and fall of 2005.

“People post questions and forums about things such as housing, classes, lost and found, etc.,” Hinsch said.

1. You Know You Go To Temple If…: 3,523 members

This group, created in September 2006 by sophomore Jewish studies, criminal justice and Hebrew triple major Jon Desantis, highlights the likes and dislikes of Temple students. The creators and contributors to the Facebook wall have created a mass list of funny nuances specific to Temple and its students. For example “You know you go to Temple if . . . you’re willing to wait 20 minutes for Taco Bell at the [Student Center]” and “You’ve been told by non-Temple family and friends a thousand times to be careful.”

“The group was created because similar groups had been made at other universities,” Desantis said.

And discuss they did. Since its creation, the group has acquired upwards of 3,000 members landing it the No. 1 spot on this list and the most popular group in the Temple network.

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