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I have walked in your shoes. To be in college, trying to find your way, in search of what your purpose should be, and what you’re trying to accomplish in four short years. These existential questions are not cliché — they are necessary, and it is hard enough to find meaning in your studies, especially when you have not yet gained mastery in any of them. It is particularly hard to find the spark of passion, the joyous immersion that should be fueling your journey — especially when you find yourself drowning in dread, self- doubt, and downright frustration. Calculus. Physics. Chemistry. Econometrics. Do not let these looming STEM terrors get the better of you. Take control, and do I say, thrive.

Numerade is here to be your STEM friend, your 24-hour tutor, forever patient, available, and eager to dazzle you with practical and conceptual STEM content in short video format.  Completely free for you.  

Numerade has galvanized PhDs and TAs from across the country and solved hundreds of thousands of textbook questions for you, for free. Think of us as NETFLIX for your math and science subjects. You know by now that the ones with a leg up in your calculus or ORGO class has enlisted a grad student for a personal tutor — if only you can just find the right friend to share that coveted number. And if and when you finally get it, does paying $100+/hr sound reasonable for that session that is just too short to allow a single breath or a bathroom break to get in the way? NO! Use Numerade! Drink your coffee and study problem video solutions at your own pace! We are here for you, gently feeding your brain with knowledge and answers like math and science-laced cerebrospinal fluid. You might actually start to enjoy it. Share this discovery with a friend who is also drowning in problems and fears she doesn’t know how to solve.

To start, you can go to, and find your book.

Lastly, if you’ve missed any of your class, Numerade has you covered.  Freely view over 300 hrs of college level STEM courses taught by expert PHDs across: Calc 1/AB, Calc 2/BC, Calc 3, Physics 101 Mechanics, Physics 102, Physics 103, Chem 101, Chem 102, and more.



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