Tips for pulling the all-nighter

Matt Flocco

In his 15-part series, Matt Flocco gives freshmen a slice of wisdom each week.

There is nothing more draining than an all-nighter in college. We have all done them, some more than others, but they are unavoidable. If you have not had one yet, live a little bit.

As a freshman, I studied architecture at Drexel. It was absolute hell. If you know any architecture or other studio art major, you should give her or him a hug every time you see them. Those are the silent heroes of any university campus.

We had a vending machine that dispensed Monster energy drinks. Those worked for a while, but I would be so shaky by the time the sun came up I didn’t know what to do with myself. Since quitting, the closest I have come to a monster is being a Lady Gaga fan.

Energy drinks like Monster work well, but only for a certain amount of time. Red Bulls do the trick but come in smaller amounts. Both have a boatload of sugar, so a problem with them is that you crash faster than Lindsay Lohan in rehab.

Coffee is usually the safer bet. If you’re a frequent drinker, you should buy a mug and refill it at 7-Eleven. A small coffee there used to be less than $1. Now it’s not. I am miffed.

When pulling an all-nighter, remember to get up and walk around so that you actually remember who and where you are. It can be mind-numbing to stare at a book or screen too long.

On a different note, try waking up a little differently in the mornings. Most of us hit the snooze button 100 times, roll out of bed, and power walk to class without food in our stomach.

My advice, which I really need to take, is to wake up and stretch. Blast some ‘90s music if you can, sing in the shower a bit, look around and observe the world before class. That is a good way to wake up.

It sounds stupid and cliché, but take a quick second in the morning to ask yourself, “what is today going to bring?” It may make the day faster and all the more enjoyable.

When you figure out how to do this successfully, come down to my house, wake me up and tell me do to the same.

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  1. Fill the 7-11 Mug with thier FUSION ENERGY COFFEE. it has ginseng, guarana and yerba. Lits of energy plus focus without the jitters, sugar and calories

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