Trustees approve facilities proposals

Several changes were approved by the executive committee.

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees approved several changes to the university’s facilities during the public session of its meeting on March 27.

A Facilities Management report indicated that air handling units in Gladfelter and Anderson halls as well as 1700 N. Broad St. provide poor temperature control and waste energy. Among the items approved to be upgraded are the units, fans, housings, piping, trim and asbestos insulation.

The Ritter Hall Annex fire alarm and sprinkler system will be upgraded. The report states that most of the building lacks sprinkler  protection and fire alarm devices in the mechanical rooms.

The third floor of the Bell Building, which houses the TECH Center, will have a new sprinkler system. The empty space within the floor will be renovated to provide well-designed work environment to house more than 250 Temple employees.

Facilities Management will also transform 10 classrooms in two colleges on three campuses into smart classrooms. The conversion of these classrooms is part of a long-term plan to increase the percentage of smart classroom from 77 percent to 80 percent.

The committee also approved improvements to the Center City Campus. Temple is currently renegotiating its contract with Barnes & Noble and is considering  opening a cafe within the Center City bookstore.

The committee estimates that these projects will be completed in three to six months.

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