Try these spots for cheap and tasty nighttime treats

The problem with frugal drinking, besides trying to explain to “fly honeys” why you can’t buy them a drink, is that strange hungry feeling you get at the end of the night. Despite the fact

The problem with frugal drinking, besides trying to explain to “fly honeys” why you can’t buy them a drink, is that strange hungry feeling you get at the end of the night.

Despite the fact that you have been drinking an innumerable amount of calories, for some unknown reason you are still starving and you need food … now. Food never tastes so good then at the end of a long evening.

If you are clever and found yourself a house party full of Beast around campus and are looking for late night eats, there are plenty of options.

Everybody has gone to Temple Star or the Owl’s Nest (well, at least it seems that way considering how crowded both get). If you are looking for good deals and decently greasy eats, there are other options.

Lincoln Fried Chicken on Broad Street and Susquehanna Avenue can get a little crowded, but we are surprised that more students haven’t taken advantage of this place.

With almost 20 combination meals to choose from (all hovering right above or below $5) you are bound to find something to satiate your appetite.

And with a closing time of 4 a.m. or sometimes 5 a.m. on the weekends, there’s no reason why you should miss out (Corey’s Note: They will even reopen if they see you coming while they are shutting down).

If you can afford it, throw in an extra 50 cents and upgrade your combo to include cheese fries.

You get more for your money, they taste good, and, honestly, if you are there already you probably won’t be worrying about the extra calories (or anything else, for that matter).

Let’s say you found yourself a bar with a terrific drink special and are now restlessly wandering the streets of Center City in search of mozzarella sticks.

Really, any diner will do you good, but be careful: Although the sign indicates that the South Street Diner is open 24 hours, we arrived there one night at 2:30 a.m. and were told to go away by the bouncers. Yes, that’s right: Bouncers. And they were mean.

If you want to be cliche, (and what a delicious cliche it is) forget Pat’s and Geno’s. We recommend going to Phil’s at 22d Street and Passyunk Avenue for a cheesesteak. It looks the same as its famed brothers, has the same crazy employees, tastes better and is less touristy.

Phil’s is also without the blinding lights of Geno’s that give you a preview of your hangover.

If you didn’t find a house party or a drink special, don’t worry. Just remember this one tip that will sort you out when the hunger sets in: Save all of your change.

If a bar is charging an odd price for drinks, hold on to the change. This will come in handy at the beautiful paradise we all know and love as Wawa.

We know what you are thinking: Hot roast beef sandwich. Well, you, our friend, are wrong.

They have all sorts of delicious treats for about $1, like a bag of Cheetos, a hot dog or cinnamon roll (Ryan’s Note: A pocket full of change will get you more cowtails than you ever thought possible).

There’s also nothing quite as satisfying as dropping a handful of change on the counter like a small child.

Worth it for your money? If you have a late-night craving, there’s little chance you can convince yourself it’s not worth it. You may regret it in the morning, but that last $5 really didn’t stand a chance, so let it go and try to remember how much you enjoyed it.

Our beef? Things never taste as good the next day. You may have some amazing chicken and broccoli from Temple Star at 2:30 a.m., but don’t think it will taste the same at 2:30 p.m. the next day.

Also, there’s nothing worse than waking up with your hand in a bag of Cheetos.

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