TSG groups split the work

Committees met at GA meeting to continue work on different initiatives.

The Temple Student Government General Assembly meeting yesterday, Oct. 1, featured an overview of the week’s homecoming events, an appearance by the candidates for homecoming king and queen and the convening of the committees.

The main initiative TSG is supporting this week is called GreenSneakers. GreenSneakers is a non-profit organization that helps organizations raise funds by providing affordable footwear in developing countries through the donation of used shoes. TSG will be collecting used sneakers at various locations throughout the week, including the homecoming football game at Lincoln Financial Field.

After the homecoming king and queen candidates made their pitches for why students should vote for them, the General Assembly broke into their committees for the first time this semester.

The Local and Community Affairs Committee, headed by junior business management major Anthony Torres, is working on an adopt-a-block program.

The program assigns a city block near Temple’s Main Campus to an organization that must clean the block at least once a month. TSG is looking for organizations and students to adopt 20 blocks this semester.

Furthermore, junior Patricia Boateng is the director of academic affairs who is currently working on a summary of last-years general education study that will not only be distributed to the students, but also presented to the incoming president, Neil Theobald.

Boateng commented that the gen-ed program is meeting its overarching goals, but “there are some major kinks in it that need to be worked out.”

“I would like to see an actual, physical change in the program that is beneficial to the students,” Boateng said.

Boateng and the Academic Affairs Committee hope to have the report completed by the end of this semester.

Laura Detter can be reached at laura.detter@temple.edu.

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