TSG: Keep engaging students

The Editorial Board commends Temple Student Government for making strides in engaging the student body.

Temple Student Government hosted its first town hall meeting of the semester on Monday after making it mandatory for student organizations to attend at least one meeting per month. The change was made based off of feedback in The Temple News, TSG officials wrote in a newsletter.

The Editorial Board is pleased by the changes TSG leaders have made to increase student engagement and hold student organizations accountable for the allocations they receive. Once-per-month meetings are a happy medium between weekly General Assembly meetings and no mandatory meetings at all. 

We also appreciate the diversity of the upcoming town hall meeting topics and will ensure a reporter is present at each meeting in case some students are unable to attend.

Some student organization leaders could be upset they have to add one more meeting to their busy schedules. But we believe both student leaders and TSG officials will be better off from more frequent engagement, which will help TSG better serve the student body.

Still, we know that this TSG administration has great initiatives and has been dedicated to combating food and housing insecurity among Temple students. Without meeting face to face, students will never know about the programs created just for them. Students will remain unaware of TSG leaders, who work to have students’ voices heard by university administrators.

We are confident this change to TSG will bring students closer to their leaders. The Temple community is better off when students and their leaders are regularly meeting and communicating.

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