TSG votes on 38 allocation bills

After a long wait, Temple Student Government voted on 38 allocation bills at its general assembly meeting last Monday, in a session that was almost two hours long.

Voting was originally scheduled to take place two weeks ago, but Allocations Chair Eric Stephenson tabled all of the allocation bills after he noticed several errors on the invoices that were displayed.

Stephenson promised to fix all of the technical issues and reformat the bills so they would be easier to read before the next meeting.

“I didn’t sleep for two days,” Stephenson said. “I just drank a couple of espressos and then spent the whole night in the TSG office. I’ve pulled about three of those so far this semester. I just buy a bunch of espressos, stay in the office and then go to my 8:40 class in the morning.”

With the help of the allocations committee
and those espressos, Stephenson showed his fellow TSG members how dedicated he is.

Throughout the semester, many other TSG officers and chairpersons have shown a similar level of commitment.

TSG President Raysean Hogan said committees
would be the “main catalyst” for the majority of work that is accomplished in the organization, and in the past month, many officers and chairpersons have proposed several new ideas and programs that are intended to help students and the local community. Stephenson said he was pleased with how well the general assembly handled the allocations process. Registered student organizations can apply for $2,500 per semester or $5,000 for the school year.

TSG’s total 2006 to 2007 allocations
budget is $175,000. The next deadline for allocations applications is Monday, Oct. 16 at 12 p.m. Applications must be submitted to the TSG office in Student Center Room 244.Parliamentarian Dorsey Spencer announced that TSG and the School of Tourism and Hospitality will co-sponsor “Penny Wars,” a competition between student organizations that will occur on Oct. 21 to 23, the first three days of Homecoming Week.

The goal of “Penny Wars” is for participating student organizations to collect as many pennies as possible; anything besides a penny will count against their score. There will be a table set up in the Student Center and participating groups will be given a jar with their logo on it and students will be able to put any amount of money they want into the jars.

Spencer said he hopes at least 20 student organizations participate.

“We decided that Homecoming was missing
something, something that was kind of vital,” he said. “We want to start a new tradition of friendly competition between our student organizations.”

The winning organization will be named “Homecoming 2006 Penny Warlords,” receive
a trophy and acknowledgment at several Homecoming events and most likely take home a percentage of the earnings, Spencer said.

Proceeds from the event will go toward the School of Tourism and Hospitality’s scholarship fund. Spencer also announced that hip-hop band The Roots will give a concert at McGonigle Hall during Homecoming weekend. Tickets will go on sale during Homecoming week, Spencer said, and will cost $15 for students with their ID. Vice President of Student Affairs Juan Galeano
said he is attempting to sign up students for “1K Help For A Day,” an all-day event which will take place Oct. 21.

The purpose of “1K Help For A Day” is to get at least 1,000 students to volunteer their services and perform various tasks all over North Philadelphia, including cleaning streets, elementary schools and recreation centers and visiting soup kitchens and shelters.

Student Life Co-Chairs Brendan Bailes and Shanita Taylor have worked on issues regarding student satisfaction with Sodexho, Temple’s food service provider.

They recently e-mailed surveys about Sodexho and “Temple Pride” over TSG’s listserv. “These surveys are important to us because it lets us know what we need to do in order to make our school better,” Taylor said.

Tyson McCloud can be reached at tyson@temple.edu.

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