TTN Video: Election Coverage 2010

Check out the Temple News Multimedia’s coverage of the 2010 Election campaigns.

On Thursday, Oct. 28, former President Bill Clinton visited Main Campus to rally for the Democratic senatorial candidate Joe Sestak.

VIEWABLE IN HD. Video by Sartaj Phanda, Ethan Schwartz, Luis Rodriguez, Haley Kmetz, and Danielle McColgan.

Edited by John Hutelmyer.

Talk-show host Chris Matthews came to Main Campus as part of a U.S. college tour.

Video by Nara Allen, Luis Roriguez, and Saba Aregai.

On Oct. 10, Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders, joined by Philly locals The Roots, converged at Robert Fulton Elementary School in Northwest Philadelphia.

Video by Josh Fleury and Ian Rose.

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