TUACTION! wins election

TUACTION! shows support to competitors.

After a fiery campaign, TUACTION! won the election for Temple Student Government’s executive branch.

Kylie Patterson, a junior political science and African-American studies major, is next year’s student body president. Jon DeSantis, former TSG parliamentarian, is the new vice president of services and Anthony Leyro, former TSG treasurer, is the vice president of external affairs.

Elections Commissioner Alex Casale released the results at 4 p.m. today in the TSG office.

TUACTION! garnered 2,231votes, while TU Dream Team followed with 1,53. An additional 176 votes came from write-in tickets. More people voted in this year’s election than ever before, with a total of 3,944 votes.

TU Dream Team expressed their future support for TUACTION! in a Facebook message to their supporters.

“Now it is TUACTION!’s dedication, redefining spirit, education in the TSG structure and student issues, attitude and motivation to work for you all,” said Kevin Gerard, former candidate for vice president of external affairs candidate of TU Dream Team.

TUACTION!’s motto was “Committed to Achieving Results.”

The ticket’s platform calls for services including working with law school students to provide legal services to students, running shuttle buses from campus to Old City on the weekends, establishing a completely online allocations process and creating a comprehensive Owl Guide for all of Temple’s resources and services.

Members of TUACTION! said they were grateful to TU Dream Team for being such great competitors and they were very happy for the turnout.

“This is only the beginning,” Patterson said. “We need the help and support of all students to make change.”

Rebecca Hale can be reached at rebecca.hale@temple.edu.

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