Under The Radar: Comedy-Gasm!, Cherry Blossom Festival, Stu Rudnick, Penn Museum Community Night

Under the Radar for the week of Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

Comedy-Gasm! A Night of Multiple Climaxes
Saturday, April 13 / 8:30 p.m. / $4
45 S. Third St. / The Irish Pol

Jokes about race, occupations and sex are the types of punch-lines that are typically told at comedy clubs. Sex jokes seem to be the most popular and could be about the four bases, men getting women or a whole other variety of things.

At “Comedy-Gasm! A Night of Multiple Climaxes,” you’ll find these jokes and more. Rachel Fogletto, the hostess of this event, is a stand-up comedian.

“I feel like I would add something that is embarrassing or vulnerable to myself,” Fogletto said about what makes the comedy at “Comedy-Gasm!” so raw.

The event takes place at The Irish Pol, a bar at Third and Chestnut streets. The venue will be upstairs from the bar and is known as a great space to hold events.

If you’ve never heard of a “comedy-gasm” before, don’t fret – the term was coined specifically for this show.

“The comedy-gasm was my idea,” Fogletto said. “I think that a lot of comedy should take you by surprise and should be authentic and unapologetic. I wanted to find people who were saying things that were funny but from a different perspective. I personally tell a lot of sex jokes, and a lot of people are pleasantly surprised by it. When we make you laugh, it should count.”

Fogletto also does poetry and spoken word at the Erotic Literary Salon.

“It’s kind of story telling but personal and vulnerable, so we get a real interesting and positive reaction from audiences,” Fogletto said. “The comedy is harder and rougher, and people are more critical. It’s like good sex you didn’t expect to have.”

A critical audience is no stranger to Fogletto.

“The Philadelphia comedy scene is very supportive,” Fogletto said. “I practice a lot of my jokes on the Internet like on Facebook or Twitter. People are always grateful that somebody else is doing it. I think there’s a lot of people that flock toward it because everybody is thinking it.”

At the event there will be comedy performed by Brandon Gorin, Elise Thomson-Hohl, L.U.M.P., and Alejandro Morales. Fogletto chose them to perform at the Comedy-Gasm! for a specific purpose.

“They were people I’ve seen before,” Fogletto said. “We all kind of got to know each other in the Philadelphia comedy scene. These are people I feel have an edgy way with their comedy and I’ve always admired their sets, and they all wanted to do it. I think they definitely speak for themselves.”

Comedy-Gasm! will be an entertaining night with lots of laughs, Fogletto said.

“The crowd will make this event successful, because we feed off of the crowd,” Fogletto said. “That’s the whole point. We’re there to do it for you and without a crowd response, it’s nothing. It turns into something different when it’s us performing and you laughing. We feed into each other.”

Grab your 21-plus friends and look forward to a night full of laughs and good times.

2013 Cherry Blossom Festival – Sakura Sunday
Sunday, April 14 / 10:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. / $5
Horticulture Center, Fairmount Park / Montgomery Drive & Belmont Avenue (I-76 Exit 341)

This event celebrates Japanese traditions beneath the cherry blossom trees in Fairmount Park. Come and enjoy numerous music and dance performances, cultural presentations and arts and crafts. The event is open to all people.

The Magic of Stu Rudnick
Sunday, April 14 / 3 p.m.  / $20
Grasso’s Magic Theatre / 103 Callowhill St.

This is a magic show unlike you have ever seen before. Not only has Stuart been performing magic for 18 years, but also his show is extremely creative as he comes up with his own original illusions. His shows not only include magic, but also comedy, audience participation and live animals.

Free Community Night at Penn Museum
Wednesday, April 10 / 5-8 p.m. / Free
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum) / 3260 South St.

For one evening, the Penn Museum opens its doors to the community to explore the museum and take a trip around the world. The entire museum will be open so that people can take a look at what it has to offer.

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