Under The Radar: Valentine Yoga, Nicole Bridal Trunk Show, Doug Main, Japanese Prints

Under the Radar for the week of Tuesday Feb. 12, 2013

Valentine’s Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Workshop
Saturday, Feb. 16
3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Maha Yoga
1700 Sansom St.

Yoga isn’t just a personal journey or workout anymore – join your special someone or loved one in a yoga workshop Valentine’s Day weekend. Maha Yoga is offering a chance to practice and teach those of the community how to practice partner-yoga.

Valentine’s Day weekend will be the perfect opportunity to join in this fun practice of partner-yoga, as well as having a Thai massage workshop incorporated into the practice. There will be other Valentine’s Day indulgences, such as chocolate treats, found at the workshop.

Justicia DeClue is the co-owner and lead teacher of the studio and is very excited about this event taking place after years of having it at Maha Yoga. Although DeClue is excited about the romantic connection that partner yoga can give, she is also insistent that it is not just for couples.

“I love connecting with a partner, not just romantic partner,” DeClue said. “Also, I’ve tried this with my mom, and that’s really cool. She’s older and not as confident, so it’s a cool way to support someone else who may not have been comfortable on their own.”

People of all different levels of yoga are encouraged to practice together. Not only will there be lessons for more advanced yogis but simple lessons for beginners as well, so everybody can stay within their comfort zone, but can also reach out of it if they would like.

Yoga has been increasingly known to be a practice that not only exercises the body, but the mind as well with different life lessons incorporated. Partner yoga teaches much more than single lessons, but more about lessons involving others.

“It’s about the conversation and learning to give and receive,” DeClue said. “Most people have a natural inclination to one or the other, helping and giving or the opposite. You can work on which one isn’t natural, and create an even exchange. Partner yoga builds trust between partners.”

Building trust between partners is essential for everyday relationships, and building trust in a different way than verbal communication can be what makes a relationship grow stronger.

With yoga becoming increasingly popular in Philadelphia and among college students, this can be a perfectly unique date with that special someone. These types of workshops and activities stray away from the usual dinner and a movie.

Registration costs $70 per couple. Maha Yoga will host the event at its Center City studio on 1700 Sansom St. at 3 p.m. on Feb.16.

Nicole Bridal Trunk Show
Jan. 16 – Feb. 23
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Nicole Bridal and Formal Shoppe
261 York Road, Jenkintown, Pa.

The trunk show is a much anticipated bridal show, not only for those who are getting married in the near future, but those interested in wedding planning. Take a family member who may be in the midst of wedding planning for an enjoyable afternoon.

Doug Main and the City Folk Concert
Saturday, Feb. 16
7 p.m.
Circle of Hope
1125 S. Broad St.

Indie folk music has recently taken a turn in the industry, proving to be a favorite among students from all over the country. The indie folk group Doug Main and the City Folk is coming to Philadelphia for a free concert. With an incredible amount of instruments, varying from the cello to the accordion to the violin, this Michigan-native band has a unique sound that is sure to be accepted in Philadelphia.

Life, Legend and the Landscape in Japanese Prints
Jan. 7 – April 28
Library hours
Parkway Central Library
1901 Vine St.

Travel to a different world of Japanese culture through rarely seen prints that will be displayed in the Parkway Central Library. Not only are these represented from prints, but from books as well. The beautifully detailed plants and landscapes depicted in the art are worth the trip.

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