Under the Radar: Variety Show, Maya Majesty, Couples Yoga, Wine 101

Under the Radar, week of Nov. 13 2012.

Polygon Comedy Variety Show
Nov. 13
7:30 p.m.
624 S. Sixth St.

Celebrate Comedy Month by enjoying this event hosted by L’etage, a laidback lounge just off of South Street. Independent storytellers from in and around Philadelphia will display their talents through the method of improvisation. Polygon Comedy’s mission is to promote “liveness” in theatrical environments and claims that the basic foundation of the company changes depending on the purpose. True to its word, the company has organized a night of offbeat comedy in a relaxed environment. It is sure to be a fun night as members of the crowd are encouraged to offer their suggestions to the performers on stage. This month will feature several improv teams that are well-known in the local community, including Malone, Deleted Scenes, Cubed and Hot Dog. All the performers are sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and laughing.

Maya Majesty: Kings and Queens of the Classic Period
Nov. 14
6 p.m.
Penn Museum
3260 South St.

Ancient Mayan way of life is explored as author and museum curator Simon Martin leads a discussion on the culture’s social structure, thanks to research done by historians and anthropologists. Martin, who helped decipher the Mayan script, shares his research on the ancient people. The Mayans, who lived in the area that is now Guatemala, created a dominant culture and possessed an advanced calendar system and a clearly defined social structure. They were the first group in their time period to derive distinctive religious and cultural traits. They leave researchers in wonderment at how they managed to survive in such an unusual climate. Although their civilization mysteriously began crumbling during the eighth century, relics remained and can be learned about by attendees to the lecture. The discussion is part of the Maya 2012 exhibit that runs until January 2013.

Romantic Couples Yoga
Nov. 16
8 p.m.
Hidden River
3901 Main St.

Impress a date by taking him or her to a yoga session at Hidden River, located in Manayunk. Held weekly, the event aims to increase health and happiness through therapeutic techniques. Doing yoga with a special someone is intended to bring both individuals closer together, relieve stress and teach each other honor and support. Sharing the mutual experience enhances a relationship long after the workout ends. It requires proper balance through observation and awareness of your partner’s actions. The intention is to bring partners together in a lighthearted way. The class is open to people of all skill levels and first timers are especially encouraged to attend. Attendees should bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothes. Participants are advised to not eat a heavy meal prior to attending the class. This isn’t only for couples, however. Solo individuals are welcome to attend too, since they can be paired off at the start of class.

Wine 101: Intro to Wine
Nov. 18
4 p.m.
The Wine School
127 S. 22nd St.

Expand your taste palate by learning the basics of wine during this two-hour class. Located in Rittenhouse Square, The Wine School offers students the opportunity to be taught by restaurant professionals from the area. In the past, people from establishments such as Le Bec Fin have offered their expertise in subjects related to wine and beer. In the class session, participants will go beyond tasting the differences of various fermented grapes to obtain information about the industry and myths that exist about it. This knowledge can increase a person’s employability in the hospitality industry or simply enhance their personal wine-influenced lives. The Wine School also offers classes on related topics such as food and alcoholic pairings, craft brewing and spirits. It is also the only wine school in the country that offers certificates and diplomas of recognition for independently designed academic instruction. Tickets are going fast so reserve your spot today.

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